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TITLE Some Technical Considerations When Mining Under Bodies Of Water
SUMMARY Conducting mining operations under a body of Water can create hazardous conditions for miners. The potential for a sudden inrush must be considered and abnormal ground control conditions can be encountered. This paper synopsizes the factors which mine operators should take into account when evaluating whether an inrush may occur. It addresses the applicable Federal regulations and discusses some items which coal operators should consider in applying for a permit, Through collecting and analyzing...
AUTHOR Fredland, John W.
TITLE Application Of Time Domain Reflectometry To Mining
SUMMARY Examples are presented in which Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) was employed to locate deformation of rock masses induced by mining. The first example involved motoring the propagation of overburden fractures above a longwall coal panel and the second example involved the we of a)R to monitor rock mass deformation in the vicinity of a strip mine highwall. Bock mass deformation, strata separation and large block movement generated strains and failure along coaxial cables which were installed in d...
AUTHOR O'Connor, Kevin M.
TITLE Instrumentation and Monitoring For Pillar Extraction in a Deep, Faulted Uranium Mine
SUMMARY A rock mechanics instrumentation and monitoring program was implemented during pillar extraction at Gulf Mineral Resources' Mt. Taylor Mine, the deepest uranium mine in the U.S. Three types of monitoring were employed: (1) drift convergence around stopes (using a portable tube extensometer), (2) stress changes in pillars (using vibrating wire stressmeters in horizontal boreholes), and (3) load changes in haulage ways under stopes (using vibrating wire load cells in jack stands). Results includ...
AUTHOR Scotese, Thomas R.
TITLE Displacement Discontinuity Method For Three-Dimensional Stress Analysis Of Tabular Excavations In Non-Homogeneous Rock
SUMMARY This paper describes a numerical method for calculating the three¬-dimensional stresses and displacements induced by tabular excavations in a rock mass consisting of parallel layers of distinct material properties. The method is based on the superposition of numerical solutions for elementary displacement discontinuities in a parallel layered rock mass. The method can be used to analyse complicated excavation layouts such as those encountered in room-and-pillar or longwall mining. The method ...
AUTHOR Wardle, Leigh J.
TITLE Surface Flooding-Considerations For Mining Facilities Site Selection
SUMMARY This paper will be a general discussion of surface flooding considerations as they affect mining facilities site selection, based primarily on experience with several such problems with which MSHA's Bruceton Technical Support staff has been involved. The detailed analytical procedures used in arriving at engineering solutions of these problems will not he presented here; the emphasis is on drawing attention to this additional aspect of mine design which hitherto has been largely overlooked due t...
AUTHOR Mazzei, Daniel S.
TITLE Optimun Mining Plan for Multiple Seam Mining
SUMMARY Multiple seam mining and its associated problems are very serious in Southern West Virginia where poor planning or lack of knowledge in seam interaction often results in complete loss of coal properties. Several measures have been proposed to alleviate the interaction prob¬lems under various multiple seam conditions, but few of them are spec¬ific in terms of mining plan. Two parallel approaches are adopted for this paper. One is field investigation which consists mainly of mine site visits and g...
TITLE Prediction of Inter-Strata Movements Above Longwall Faces
SUMMARY This paper presents an analysis of measurements of inter-burden de- formations above six longwall faces. An attempt is made to demonstrate some correlation between the movements at the various sites, and to examine their importance with respect to predicting caving height, disruption of overlying seams, and disruption of aquifers. This analysis demonstrates some significant differences between predicted surface subsidence, and inter-burden deformation. In addition it is shown that the caving hei...
AUTHOR Styler, Neil, Ph.D.
TITLE Pressure Measurements in the Gob
SUMMARY Gob pressure measurements were made in a Western U. S. coal mine as part of a long-term program to evaluate cave progress and to determine the influence of geological discontinuities on caving conditions, load transfer, and resulting instabilities. Gloetzl cells were selected for the measurements due to their simple, robust construction and a history of being able to monitor pressures in a broken medium. A methodology was developed for the successful installation and protection of the cells an...
AUTHOR Maleki, H.
TITLE Controlled Load Development At Longwall Coalfaces
SUMMARY The effectiveness of coalface powered support depends upon its structural nature and the manner of application of the hydraulic system. A critical and largely unresolved feature of the system is the optimum setting pressure level at which a support should operate in its geological environment. This paper provides an argument for a generalised approach to the issue of setting pressure level quoting case study data for a high output British longwall installation.
AUTHOR Isaac, A. K.
TITLE Determination Of Solution Cavern Spacing In Deep Salt Deposit
SUMMARY An engineering procedure for designing the minimum separation between solution mined caverns in bedded salt deposit Is described. The procedure Is based on data obtained by In-situ and laboratory test methods. The formulae utilize the concept that salt rock under high pressure in a deep salt rock deposit would behave as a perfectly plastic substance, and that the active opening surrounding a. typical- cavern could be described by a circular ellipsoid. The paper describes the calculations require...
AUTHOR Mraz, Dennis Z.