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TITLE Evaluation Of Mobile Roof Support Technologies
SUMMARY This study presents a historic overview of the role of mobile roof support (MRS) technologies in improving stability and worker safety and presents the results of recent field evaluations of the MRS load rate monitoring device and other remote deformation-monitoring techniques. Field studies were implemented at two sites in cooperation among researchers from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Maleki Technologies, Inc., and J. H. Fletcher & Co. The objective of the...
AUTHOR Maleki, Hamid
TITLE The Influence Of Water Content On Strength Characteristic Of Sandstone Subject To Triaxial Test
SUMMARY It has been well accepted that water content significantly changes the physical and mechanical properties of rocks. Experimentation data of Uniaxial Compressive Strength (UCS), Modulus of Elasticity (E) and Brazilian Tensile Strength (UTS) of sandstone showed that increasing water content from oven dried to saturated condition will decrease their values. Ultrasonic tests carried out together with the UCS tests also indicated that the sonic wave traveled faster as rock specimen became saturated. ...
AUTHOR Kramadibrata, S.
TITLE The Response Of A High Order Stream To Shallow Cover Longwall Mining In The Northern Appalachian Coalfield
SUMMARY The effect of longwall mining on streams and shallow aquifers has been the subject of numerous research studies for more than twenty years. As a result of these studies, it has become common to consider an overburden thickness of 400 feet as the lower limit at which longwall mining methods may be used with little or no effect on hydrologic systems. This paper presents the results of a study documenting the response of a large high order stream to shallow cover undermining by longwall methods in ...
AUTHOR Owsiany, John A.
TITLE The Integration Of Geology And Engineering In Ground Control And Mine Planning For A Multi-Level Underground Limestone Quarry
SUMMARY An underground limestone quarry, developed in the 1940's, transitioned from a surface quarry to an underground room-and-pillar operation. The quarry expanded to a second underground level when the reserves on the first level reached the property boundaries. The historical basis for the sill pillar thickness between the first and second level, pillar dimensions, and mining height was lost during the course of several changes in ownership. When reserves on the second level reached a five-year life...
AUTHOR Newman, D.
TITLE Mine Planning For Longwall And Pillar Retreat Panels Subject To Seam Interaction Effects
SUMMARY Multiple-scam mining is becoming more common in the United States, especially in the East, where primary reserves arc being depleted, forcing mining companies to develop secondary seams, Although mine engineers and planners are aware of the basic effects of seam interaction and generally follow guidelines for columnizing entries and avoiding load abutments, mine design earn greatly benefit bum more quantitative estimates of scam interaction effects. This paper presents case studies from two east...
AUTHOR Vandergrift, Thomas L.
TITLE Effect Of Face Advance Rates On The Characteristics Of Subsidence Processes Associated With U.S. And German Longwall Mining Operations
SUMMARY Regulating the face advance rate in longwall mining operation can be an effective means to reduce the disturbance potential to surface structures associated with a longwall subsidence process. However, there are two seemingly different views about the relation between the face advance rate and the disturbance potential associated with dynamic subsidence process. The US mining industry prefers a faster but a constant face advance rate while the German counter- part is forced to select a slower ra...
TITLE Worldwide Implementation Of Continuous Miner System - Integrating Ground Control With Technology
SUMMARY This paper describes the importance of considering ground control measures when importing U.S. continuous mining technology in foreign countries. Important ground control factors are discussed. Each year the USA exports a significant amount of continuous miner equipment (i.e. continuous miners, roof bolters, coal haulers, shuttle cars, continuous haulages, scoops and feeder-breakers). International customers see the opportunity to significantly improve their productivity and increase their lo...
AUTHOR McClain, Thomas W.
TITLE Quality Management For Grouted Rockbolts
SUMMARY The successful extension of the applications in which rockbolts can be used in the German coalmining industry is, because of the very great raining depth combined with a high degree of stress in the native rock, only possible on the basis of a comprehensive quality management system. The quality assurance system consists of material tests on the individual component parts of a rockbolt, of test rig trials of installed rockbolts, of suitability tests underground and of measures for quality assura...
AUTHOR Wittenberg, Dieter
TITLE Roof Monitoring In Limestone Mines-Experience With The Roof Monitoring Safety System (RMSS)
SUMMARY During the past few years, the Pittsburgh Research Laboratory of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) examined and characterized conditions at a majority of the underground stone mines in the United States. Observations at these mines revealed a limited degree of roof monitoring beyond visual inspection and sounding. When monitors are used, they typically require theminer to measure movement at the roof. If conditions are unstable, the miner may be in a hazardous sit...
AUTHOR Marshall, Thomas E.
TITLE Status Of Longwall Research In CSIRO
SUMMARY Current research in longwall mining in CSIRO Exploration & Mining is focused within five major projects and several minor projects. The major projects are: 1 3D Aspects of Longwall Geomechanics. This was reported to the conference last year and a final report will be available by mid-2001. 2 Mine Gas Control. This just completed project centred on Dartbrook Colliery which has a longwall gas make of more than 8 cubic metres per second. 3 Rapid Roadway Development This includes the constructi...
AUTHOR Kelly, Michael