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TITLE Strata Control Investigations During Fully Mechanized Coal Pillar Extraction in Indian Coalfield
SUMMARY Considering the importance of a fully mechanized depillaring operation, the Indian coal mining industry has introduced a number of such depillaring operations at depths of cover ranging from 60 m to 377 m. The overlying strata of these depillaring faces vary widely from highly laminated, weak and easily caveable to massive, strong and difficult to cave. Most of these mechanized depillaring operations were carried out in difficult site conditions, however, performance monitoring in the field has ...
AUTHOR Singh, Rajendra
TITLE A Case Study of Topography?Related Stress Rotation Effects on Multi?seam Stability
SUMMARY The complex interaction between multiple seam pillar extraction panels and variable topography can generate unexpected ground control problems. This case study describes stress-related damage in multiple seam workings that resulted in difficult operating conditions and compromised the safety of the support crews. The damage appeared to be caused by horizontal stress but the unexpected location of the damage baffled the authors. A 2D Finite element analysis was conducted of the mine layout and su...
AUTHOR Tulu, Ihsan Berk
TITLE RQD from the Barrel to the Box: Weatherability May be a Better indicator for Roof Support Design
SUMMARY For the purposes of underground mine design, twelve cores of the Springfield (V) Coal (Pennsylvanian) roof and floor were retrieved. Each core was photographed, described fresh in the barrel, and the rock quality designation (RQD) was measured. Cores were wrapped in plastic and delivered to the rock mechanics lab. At the lab RQD was remeasured and new photographs were taken before running geotechnical tests including weatherability. Significant differences in barrel RQD's vs. lab RQD's have been...
AUTHOR Unrug, Kot
TITLE Introduction of a New Superior Coating on Ground Support Products
SUMMARY Corrosion can often cause significant strength reduction and failure of steel rockbolts, thus demanding continuous rehabilitation and posing challenges to underground mines in maintaining long term ground support. The mining industry has traditionally applied galvanized and epoxy coatings for protection of ground support and reinforcement in corrosive environments due to cost considerations. However, under a harsh and corrosive groundwater condition with extreme pH levels, failure of the exist...
AUTHOR Oler, Renn
TITLE Determination Of Rock Strength Properties UsingGeophysical And Ultrasonic Logging In Exploration Drill Holes
SUMMARY This study deals with underground mines and ground control and the prediction of seats strength characteristics based upon ultrasonic logging. Exploration drill holes, both rotary and core holes are used for proving coal reserves and determining mining parameters. Drill hole cores can be subjected to geologic study and geotechnical evaluation. In addition, the use of geophysical logging techniques is well established in determining certain strata characteristics and ground parameters. Since the ...
AUTHOR Feddock, John
TITLE Intersection Stability and Tensioned Bolting
SUMMARY Roof failure occurs much more frequently at intersections than entries and crosscuts. Using a commercial finite element package, four-way and three-way intersections reinforced with the tensioned bolts are modeled. The 3-D model considers bolt pre-tension, bolt installation procedure, bedding planes and in-situ horizontal stresses. The modeling results from both four-way and three-way intersections are analyzed with regard to the intersection stability. The mechanisms of tensioned bolting at the...
AUTHOR Zhang, Yunqing
TITLE Premature Rock Bolt Failure Through Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC)
SUMMARY An ACARP-funded industry research project in Australia recently investigated the problem of premature rock bolt failures in underground coal mines. The project carried out limited sampling from 9 different collieries in NSW and Queensland, followed by a more comprehensive, controlled sampling from one colliery. Over 50 broken bolts were collected and subjected to metallurgical analysis at UNSW to determine both the steel composition and to analyse the fracture surfaces. Prior to this study, t...
AUTHOR Hebblewhite, Bruce
TITLE Study of load transfer capacity of bolts using short encapsulation push test
SUMMARY A series of laboratory experiments were conducted on a variety of bolt types to examine the load transfer capacities of different profiled bolts in short encapsulation push testing. A 75 mm section of 150 mm long bolt specimen was anchored in a 75 mm long stainless steel tube using full resin encapsulation. Six types of different profiled bolts and two non - profiled bolts were tested. Bolts with higher profile were in general found to have greater shearing resistance and higher stiffness than l...
AUTHOR Aziz, Naj
TITLE Variation of Horizontal Stresses and Strains in Mines in Bedded Deposits in the Eastern and Midwestern United States
SUMMARY In general, the direction of the maximum horizontal stress in the eastern United States is fairly well defined. However, the variation of the magnitudes of the horizontal stresses is not very well understood. Because the horizontal stresses cause severe ground control problems in underground coal and limestone mines throughout the eastern United States a more complete understanding of how the magnitudes vary would be useful for developing mine design strategies to combat horizontal stress relate...
AUTHOR Dolinar, Dennis
TITLE Geotechnical Planning Basis for the Optimization of Workings
SUMMARY Besides considering the given geomechanical conditions, the geological/geotechnical logging of drill cores and heading faces during the driving of parallel entries and the resulting rock classification form the basis of the assessment of the proneness to caving of the roof strata in the actual mining phase. Both types of separation planes, parallel to the stratification as well as intersecting the bedding, will be defined and assessed within the immediate roof strata depending on the litholog...
AUTHOR Polysos, Nikolaos