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TITLE Investigating the Contributing Factors to Rib Fatalities Through Historical Analysis
SUMMARY Rib-related accidents in underground coal mines continue to cause injuries and take lives at a rate of 1.3 fatalities per year for the last 17 years. Prevention of these accidents cannot simply be a matter of installing more rib support, though the eventual final solution will undoubtedly include that component. Ultimately, rib safety will be brought about through an understanding of the causes and mechanisms that cause rib fatalities, and by fine-tuning mining methods and procedures that are cu...
AUTHOR Jones, Tristan H.
TITLE Research on the Geological Dynamic Conditions and Forecast for Rock Bursts
SUMMARY "Rock burst is one of the most serious dynamic disasters in coal mining. Rock burst prevention involves two difficult tasks: systematically evaluating the occurrence conditions and effectively forecast for rock burst. This paper systematically studies the effects of natural geological dynamic conditions and mining engineering on and forecast for rock burst. It establishes the evaluation method and index system of rock burst geological dynamic conditions and proposes a method of forecasting rock ...
AUTHOR Zhang, Hongwei (primary); Zhu, Feng ; Song, Weihua ; Tang, Guoshui ; Li, Sheng
TITLE Discriminating Mining Induced Seismicity from Natural Tectonic Earthquakes in the Wasatch Plateau Region of Central Utah
SUMMARY "The Wasatch Plateau region of central Utah contains a number of active underground coal mines in an area of well-documented natural seismicity. As a result, there are several hundred seismic events recorded in this region every year that may or may not be attributed directly to mining activity. Previous studies have linked the majority of this seismicity to mining activity through various means, but have not attempted to develop a method for categorizing individual events within a seismicity ca...
AUTHOR Stein, Jared R. (primary); Pankow, Kristine L. ; Koper, Keith D. ; Mccarter, Michael K.
TITLE An Alternative for More Productive Rib Bolting in Underground Mining Applications
SUMMARY "Underground mine rib stability is an ongoing safety issue in all mining applications. Rib-related accidents present at least as many problems as roof-related ground control. Underground coal mine rib safety is continually emphasized as a primary safety concern at every mining operation. The application of rib support materials is increasing as more difficult mining conditions are experienced due to deeper cover, more variable depositional environments, thicker seam heights, and multi-seam minin...
AUTHOR Bryan, Joe E. (primary); McDonnell, John P.
TITLE Analyses of De-Confinement Mechanisms of Unstable Failures in Underground Mining Conditions
SUMMARY The de-confinement mechanisms of unstable failures as they occur in deep coal mining conditions are investigated using a distinct element numerical modeling code. The Mohr-Coulomb and continuously yielding joint constitutive models were used to study the compressive failures in coal and slip behavior of coal-rock interfaces, respectively. The effect of strength variations within interfaces on the failure mechanism of mining faces is also studied. The stability of interface slip failures was foun...
AUTHOR Gu, Ruixiang
TITLE Development and Implementation of the“Spin to Stall”Resin Bolting System at Anglo Americans Australian Underground Coal Operations
SUMMARY "Longwall mining is by far the most common method of underground coal extraction in Australia. The industry trends and expectations are placing increasing emphasis on the reliability and productivity of these operations. The longwalls are becoming wider and longer while retreat rates are continuously increasing due to significant improvements achieved in longwall equipment reliability and automation. This increased longwall productivity is placing significant emphasis on the reliability of longw...
AUTHOR Emery, Jason (primary); Canbulat, Ismet ; Naylor, John ; Craig, Peter ; Sykes, Andy
TITLE Development of An Enhanced Methodology for Ground Movement Predictions Due to Longwall Mining in the Illinois Basin
SUMMARY The Illinois Basin has an extensive history with the use of mechanized longwall mining dating back to the early 1970?s. In recent times, technological advances have resulted in increased panel widths from 800 feet to over 1400 feet and daily panel advance rates have also increased significant l. The prediction and control of subsidence and surface deformation due to underground mining are important considerations in the permitting, planning, and monitoring of these coal mining operations. The...
AUTHOR Agioutantis, Zach G.
TITLE Estimating Coal Strength Based on Historical Laboratory Tests and Geomechanics Classification
SUMMARY The coal seam strength and the failure criteria that represent the behavior of the coal seam are very important for mine section and pillar design. Additionally, mine section and pillar design take into account roof and floor layers, which form the roof-pillar-floor system. Therefore, underground ground control design begins, most importantly, with rock mass characterization. Another issue is the distribution or behavior of the coal seam strength for the whole mine area. Sometimes, the coal seam...
AUTHOR Zingano, Andre
TITLE Effect of Geological and Mining Factors on Roof Stability of a Room and Pillar Mine in US
SUMMARY "This paper examines the effect of different geological and mining factors on roof stability in underground coal mines by combining the field observations, laboratory testing, and numerical modeling. Observations at an underground coal mine that uses the room-and-pillar mining method showed several failures of the immediate roof, and is used as a case study. Three-dimensional distinct element analyses were performed to study the intrinsic roof failure mechanisms and to evaluate specifically the ...
AUTHOR Sherizadeh, Taghi (primary); Kulatilake, Pinnaduwa H.S.W.
TITLE Rock Characterization Using Time - Series Classification Algorithms
SUMMARY Development of measurement while drilling (MWD) systems for ground control applications in mining applications has recently been an active research topic. The main goal is to utilize the drilling information for characterizing the ground condition. Such characterization is the key to the accurate and efficient mapping of hazards and proper planning of ground support. However, most of the existing drilling units and measurement while drilling systems are mainly developed for joints and voids dete...
AUTHOR Bahrampour, Soheil