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TITLE Quantification of Ventilation Enhancement Using the Eye Can Roof Support
SUMMARY "Convergence of roof and floor in underground mine openings is a common occurrence. This convergence not only adversely affects the ability of workers, equipment and supplies to travel through the mine, it also reduces the effectiveness of the mine ventilation system, which is essential for the dilution of methane gas and airborne respirable dust. While installing secondary standing supports to control floor and roof convergence, such supports, by nature, partially obstruct a portion of the airw...
AUTHOR Shook, Michael T (primary); Sindelar, Mark F ; Jiang, Hua ; Luo, Yi
TITLE Non-Destructive Testing Method for Determining the Characteristic Length and Initial Axial Bolt Load and Its Application
SUMMARY "A non-destructive detection scheme for bolt installation quality was designed by adopting the method of non-destructive detection on bolt installation quality. Based on the field measurements, a random non-destructive detection method for determining the characteristic length including anchoring length, free segment length and initial axial load of bolt was discussed, and the characteristics of increasing bolt axial load in the initial stable stage was obtained. The results show that the bolt a...
AUTHOR Chen, Yanlong (primary); Luo, Zhenfu ; Lu, Aihong ; Zhang, Houquan ; Wu, Yu
TITLE Application of New Void Detection Algorithm for Analysis of Feed Pressure and Rotation Pressure of Roof Bolters
SUMMARY "Roof and rib instability is an important issue in underground mining. To optimize ground support design,enhance ground stability, and reduce the possibility of roof or rib failure with minimal use of artificial ground support, it is essential to have an accurate understanding of ground conditions. This includes the location of voids, cracks, and discontinuities, as well as information about the different strata in the immediate roof. This paper briefly introduces ongoing research on void detect...
AUTHOR Liu, Wenpeng (primary); Rostami, Jamal ; Keller, Eric
TITLE Options to Control Groundwater-Based Georisks along Geological Faults in the Large Scale Area of Influence of an Open Pit Mine
SUMMARY "At an open-pit lignite extraction mine in Germany, groundwater has to be pumped over a large area, which leads to subsidence at the surface. As long as the geology of the area of influence is homogeneous, the subsidence is uniform and has marginal influence on buildings.Since the geology of many regions is characterized by faults, there are different rates of subsidence along those faults, which can lead to considerable consequences. Those different rates of subsidence on both sides of a geolog...
AUTHOR Preusse, Axel (primary); Beckers, Daniel ; Papst, Markus ; Millier, Denise
TITLE A Roof Model and Its Application in Solid Backfilling Mining
SUMMARY "Through changing the axial load on backfilling material compaction test to reflect different overlying strata pressure on backfilling material, the stress-strain relations in the compaction process of backfilling material under the geological condition can be obtained. Based on the characteristic of overlying strata movement in backfill mining, a model of roof thin plate is established. By introducing the stress-strain relation in compaction process into the model and using RIZT method to analy...
AUTHOR Ju, Feng (primary); Huang, Peng ; Guo, Shuai ; Xiao, Meng ; Lan, Lizin
TITLE A Practical Application of Photogrammetry to Performing Rib Characterization Measurements in an Underground Coal Mine Using a DSLR Camera
SUMMARY "Understanding coal mine rib behavior is important for inferring pillar loading conditions as well as ensuring the safety of miners who are regularly exposed to ribs. Due to the variability in the geometry of underground openings and ground behavior, point measurements often fail to capture the true movement of mine workings. Photogrammetry is a potentially fast, cheap, and precise supplemental measurement tool in comparison to extensometers, tape measures, or laser range meters, but its applica...
AUTHOR Slaker, Brent A (primary); Mohamed, Khaled M
TITLE Dynamic Failure in Coal Seams: Implications of Coal Composition for Bump Susceptibility
SUMMARY "IntroductionDynamic failure events in an underground coal mine, or“bumps,”are defined as“the sudden, violent bursts of coal from a pillar or pillars or a block of coal, resulting in a section, the whole pillars, or the solid block of coal being thrown into an open entry”(Peng, 2008). Reports of disastrous and often fatal dynamic failure events date back over one hundred years in the United States. Mining practices and technologies have significantly evolved over the course of the last century, ...
AUTHOR Lawson, Heather E. (primary); Weakley, Andrew ; Miller, Arthur
TITLE Roof Movement and Loading for Top-Coal Caving Longwall Mining in Extremely Inclined Thick Coal
SUMMARY "Safe and efficient mining of extremely inclined thick coal seams less than 20m thick is one of the new challenges in China coal industry. In recent years, the extremely inclined thick coal seams have been encountered in some old mines and western China, and currently the top coal caving longwall mining method has been successfully applied to this kind of coal seams. Accordingly, this paper studies the roof movement and its impact on shield supports of top-coal caving longwall mining in extremel...
AUTHOR Wang, Jiachen (primary); Yang, Shengliyang ; Li, Xiaomeng ; Yang, Jinghu
TITLE System Behavior of Roof Bolt Systems with Varying Bearing Plate I Angle Compensating Device Combinations
SUMMARY "Tensionable headed roof bolt systems are common in the U.S. mining industry. In the last 15 years or so, they have made a comeback as a hybrid system where a mechanical anchor is used in conjunction with resin. When such a system is used, it is common to use a spherical washer to comply with the requirements of 30 CFR Part 75.204(f)(8). This standard requires an angle-compensating device be used in installations where the bearing plate is offset from the roof bolt axis by an angle greater than ...
AUTHOR Smith, Gregory E
TITLE Numerical Model Calibration for Simulating Coal Ribs
SUMMARY "Failures of coal ribs are major hazards in underground coal mines. For the period of 2010 to 2014, rib falls were the leading cause of groundfall fatalities and accounted for 35%of all groundfall-related fatalities. Currently, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is conducting a research project to develop an engineering-based design methodology for rib control in underground coal mines to reduce rib fall accidents and fatalities. Numerical models can be used as par...
AUTHOR Mohamed, Khaled M (primary); Tulu, Berk ; Murphy, Michael