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TITLE Design of Roof Bolt Based Breaker Line Support in a Mechanised Depillaring Panel
SUMMARY "Inherent existence of different rooms (openings) along the extraction line in a depillaring panel provides an easy path for the goaf to encroach the working area. Each of these openings in a mechanized depillaring (MD) operation along the extraction line is supported by the roof bolt-based breaker line support (RBBLS) to restrict the goaf encroachment. Different field studies by Council for Scientific and Industrial Research - Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research (CSIR-CIMFR) found tha...
AUTHOR Ram, Sahendra (primary); Singh, Arnn Kr ; Kumar, Dheeraj ; Singh, Rajendra
TITLE Safe, Efficient, and Cost-Effective Support of Longwall Cut through Entries
SUMMARY "There are significant ground support hazards to both personnel and equipment when longwall equipment must mine through cross-panel entries. Backfilling support strategies are often cost prohibitive. Additionally, it is often very difficult to install backfill material in full contact with the mine roof in backfilled entries. This paper will demonstrate the use of fiber-reinforced concrete crib material as a method for standing support in longwall cut-through entries. Despite conceptions of poor...
AUTHOR Mirabile, Benjamin (primary); Poland, John R
TITLE Study of the Behavior for Backfilling Material in Room-and-Pillar Coal Mining
SUMMARY "Run-of-mine Brazilian coal has high ash content and low calorific power. Therefore, the coal must be washed to achieve the power plant specifications for burning coal. A large amount of waste results from the coal preparation, and it must be disposed of in waste piles or waste dams, depending on the material size. These waste disposals are the cause of serious environmental problems, not only in the short and medium terms, but mainly in the long term, due to the risk of provoking acid drainage ...
AUTHOR Zingano, Andre (primary); Gomes, Cleber ; Koppe, Jair C ; Costa, Joao Felipe
TITLE The Development and Planning of Multiple Level Underground Limestone Mines
SUMMARY "Underground mines have always been an integral part of the limestone industry. However, beginning in the 1990s, the number of underground limestone mines has increased for many reasons including•Stripping ratios at surface quarries have become uneconomic.•Existing surface quarries have reached the mineral boundaries, and the remaining stone reserves are underground.•Surface access to the entirety of the limestone reserve is limited by development or infrastructure.•The once-rural setting of the...
AUTHOR Newman, David A (primary); King, Bruce W
TITLE Review and Estimation of the Hydraulic Conductivity of the Overburden above Longwall Panels. Experience from Australia
SUMMARY "The aim of this paper is to summarise the results and conclusions of Australian Coal Association Research Project (ACARP) Report Cl3013 which relate to water inflows into a mine which occur through the overburden above and adjacent to longwall panels. The study assessed available data of inflows into underground coal mines and utilised computer simulation of water flow through fracture networks. The study concluded that flow into mines is typically via an interconnected network of pre-existing ...
AUTHOR Gale, Winton
TITLE Design Concerns of Room and Pillar Retreat Panels
SUMMARY "Why do some room and pillar retreat panels encounter abnormal conditions? What factors deserve the most consideration during the planning and execution phases of mining and what can be done to mitigate those abnormal conditions when they are encountered? To help answer these questions, and to determine some of the relevant factors influencing the conditions of room and pillar (R&P) retreat mining entries, four consecutive R&P retreat panels were evaluated. This evaluation was intended to reinfo...
AUTHOR Klemetti, Ted M (primary); Sears, Morgan M ; Tulu, lhsan B
TITLE Void Fill and Support Techniques to Stabilize Drift Excavated Through a Transition Zone Mined By a TBM at the Stillwater Mine
SUMMARY "Stillwater Mining Company is the only U.S. producer of platinum group metals (PGMs) and the largest producer outside of South Africa and Russia. The Company controls a considerable portion of the J-M Reef and is currently developing the ""Blitz Project,"" which will provide a main haulage level, ore pass systems, backfill plants, and flow-through ventilation to increase production and ensure sustainable extraction of this critical strategic mineral. While driving two sub-parallel footwall later...
AUTHOR Johnson, Josh (primary); Jacobs, Curt ; Ferster, Mark ; Tadolini, Stephen
TITLE Study of Energy Release Associated with Coal Burst Occurrence
SUMMARY "Coal burst is a dynamic release of energy within the rock (or coal) mass leading to high velocity expulsion of the broken/ failed material into mine openings. This phenomenon has been recognised as one of the most catastrophic failures associated with the coal mining industry, which can often lead to injuries and fatalities of miners as well as significant production losses. This paper aims to examine the mechanisms contributing to coal burst occurrence, with an emphasis on the energy release c...
AUTHOR Zhang, Chengguo (primary); Canbulat, lsmet ; Tahmasebinia, Faham ; Hebblewhite, Bruce
TITLE Unanticipated Multiple Seam Stresses From Pillar Systems Behaving As Pseudo Gob - Case Histories
SUMMARY "Underground coal mining in the U.S. is conducted in numerous regions whereprevious workings exist above and/or below an actively mined seam. Miners know that overlying or underlying fully extracted coal areas, also known as gob regions, can result in abutment stresses that affect the active mining. If there was no full extraction, and the past mining consists entirely of intact pillars, the stresses on the active seam are usually minimal. However, experience has shown that in some situations th...
AUTHOR Gauna, Michael (primary); Mark, Christopher
TITLE Evaluation of Drill Hole Geometry on Bolted Roof Beam Performance
SUMMARY "Comparative roof beam performance, as measured by delamination within the bolted horizon, was used to evaluate two types of roof bolt drill hole geometries in a development setting. Short encapsulation pull tests had demonstrated a higher grip factor in drill holes featuring helical grooves in the side walls in comparison to drill holes featuring continuous smooth to slightly rough walls. The study incorporated the two geometries during development mining in which fully grouted mechanically anc...
AUTHOR Burkhard, David R