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TITLE The Influence of the Protection Pillar Width on the Stability of the Gateroad
SUMMARY "The most common extraction method in Polish coal mines utilize pillars between adjacent longwall panels. This is mainly due to the significant depth and difficulties in maintaining stability of the gateroads. This paper presents measurementsof entry convergence and range of the fracture zone around a gateroad measured with a borehole camera. The entry where the measurements were taken was located in a parallel entry separated from the gateroad by a 5-m- (16-ft-) wide pillar. The gateroad was lo...
AUTHOR Walentek, Andrzej (primary); Masny, Wojciech
TITLE Three Dimensional Modeling of a Surface Displacements As a Result of an Underground Longwall Panel Extraction
SUMMARY "In Europe, the magnitude and range of mining deformation predicted on the surface have been, in most cases, determined using methods based on Gauss' influence function (e.g., Knothe's theory, Ruhrkohle method, Stochastic method). The increase in the application of numerical methods (finite element method FEM, finite difference method FDM, etc.) provides an opportunity to offer a different approach in describing mining deformations. However, this phenomenon is very complex, and due to numerical ...
AUTHOR Tajdus, Krzysztof (primary); Tajdus, Antoni ; Sroka, Anton ; Preusse, Axel
TITLE Utilization of the OSI Underground System's Tandem Anchor to Improve the Weak Roof's Stability of Underground Openings
SUMMARY "The Dywidag-Systems International DSI Tandem Anchor bolt, with an improved expansion shell-washer design, can substantially reduce potential entry roof falls caused by twisted or deformed expansion shells of the traditional mechanical anchor bolts during installation. In addition, the improved anchorage system can also ensure that a consistent and high installed load is achieved, which is critical for effective beam building under thinly laminated or layered roof conditions. This paper discusse...
AUTHOR Chen, Jinsheng (primary); Blevins, Tom ; Walker, Roland
TITLE Geometrical Description of Gateroad Roof Sag
SUMMARY "The main elements of hard coal extraction systems in the Polish mining industry, including the characteristics of gateroads, are described, followed by several dozen underground measurements of gateroad roof sag performed in different geological and mining conditions in Upper Silesia Coal Basin.Based on the analysis of the roof sag measurements, an attempt to describe the gateroad roof sag process using a geometrical model was made. To build the model, it was assumed that the roof sag curve cou...
AUTHOR Lubosik, Zbigniew (primary); Prusek, Stanislaw
TITLE Mitigation of Longwall Subsidence Effects on Operating Railroad
SUMMARY "Surface subsidence processes, especially those associated with a longwall mining operations, could cause operational and/or safety problems to railroads. For railroads with normal amounts of traffic, both the limited time window between traffic and the limited space available make the efforts to return the railroad back to its original state nearly impossible. In order to ensure the safe operation of a subsiding railway, the partial lifting method has been developed and applied. This paper desc...
AUTHOR Luo, Yi (primary); Kimutis, Robert ; Yang, Ke ; Cheng, Jianwei
TITLE Roof Bolter Synthetic Mesh Handling System
SUMMARY "Steel wire mesh is the accepted standard for roof and rib skin control at most coal mines in the United States. Wire mesh is delivered to the mine in bundles that are heavy and awkward to handle. The large size, stiffness, and weight of the wire mesh can present a safety hazard in transporting underground and storing on the roof bolter. Installing wire mesh on the roof and ribs with the roof bolter can be a challenge as well.Synthetic mesh is lighter than wire mesh and can be folded and rolled ...
AUTHOR Burgess, Tim (primary); Lange, Jens ; Kendall, William ; Duncan, Jonathan
TITLE Observations of Impacts to Pennsylvania's Interstate Highways by Longwall Mining
SUMMARY "Longwall bituminous coal mining has been practiced in Pennsylvania since the 1970""s. Hundreds of longwall panels have been mined during the last 40 years but only 24 have actually undermined Pennsylvania's Interstate Highway System. The impact to interstate highways are summarized in this paper and the factors that influence the magnitude of these impacts are examined.INTRODUCTIONOver the last 30 years, interstate highways in Pennsylvania have been undermined by portions of 21 bituminous coal ...
AUTHOR Iannacchionc, Anthony (primary); Benner, Jessica ; Witkowski, Megan ; Miller, Harold
TITLE Shear Testing of 28 mm Hollow Strand "TG" Cable Bolt
SUMMARY "Double shearing tests were carried out on the 28 mm (1 in) hollow strand Jennmar TG cable bolt to gain a better understanding of the shearing behavior of the cable. The first test was limited to a 50 mm (2 in) travel on the testing machine and produced a shear load of 900 kN (92 t) at the maximum 50 mm (2 in) displacement. The axial load generated on the cable bolt was 238 kN (24.3 t). In the second test, the machine travel was increased to 75 mm (3 in), and first strand failure of the cable, d...
AUTHOR Craig, Peter (primary); Aziz, Naj
TITLE Monitoring Consolidation Settlement Deformation in Deep Borehole of Unconsolidated Strata USing Fiber Bragg Grating Sensing
SUMMARY "The Cenozoic unconsolidated strata in the east area of China are composed of clay, sandy clay, fine sand, hardpan, etc. Numerous shafts of the coal mines in these areas have been damaged in various degrees since 1987. The main reason for this disaster is the vertical additional stress on shaft caused by the subsidence of the thick unconsolidated strata. In order to monitor the subsidence deformation of the unconsolidated strata, a sensing network system with multiplexed Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG...
AUTHOR Chai, Jing (primary); Liu, Jinxuan ; Qiu, Biao ; Dong, Liang
TITLE Geotechnical Considerations in Highwall Mining Applications in Indonesia
SUMMARY "Indonesia is the second largest coal exporter to Japan. Almost all the coal is produced from open cut mines. However, a great deal of coal is left in the highwalls of the mined-out pits. The use of highwall mining systems has increasingly come into play in the U.S. and Australia, when overburden depth exceeds economical recovery in an open cut mine. However, the stability of the highwalls is always a major safety concern in such mining. This paper describes the characteristics of the highwall m...
AUTHOR Sasaoka, Takashi (primary); Shimada, Hideki ; Matsui, Kikuo ; Takamoto, Hiroshi