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TITLE Investigation of Acoustic Emission Sensors for Ground Control Hazard Recognition in Underground Mines
SUMMARY "Mine-wide ground control stability is essential to any mining operation to prevent catastrophic failure of underground structures. The ability to recognize or indicate the potential for ground control hazards in underground mine operations is highly desirable to reduce or eliminate ground-control-related injuries and fatalities. The acoustic emissions (AE) form of non-destructive testing has been used for decades to determine material or machine deterioration or potential failure. This paper pr...
AUTHOR Buchan, Gary
TITLE AMCMRR- An Analytical Model for Coal Mine Roof Reinforcement
SUMMARY "An Analytical Model for Coal Mine Roof Reinforcement (AMCMRR) has been developed. AMCMRR utilizes a Factor of Safety (FOS) approach, which is commonly used in all forms of engineering. The starting point in the development of AMCMRR was an existing analytical roof behavior and roof support design methodology/model, originally developed by Colwell. This technique was used successfully in the Australian underground coal industry for roof support evaluation and design prior to and during the cours...
AUTHOR Colwell, Mark G (primary); Frith, Russell
TITLE Estimation of the Intact Strength of Coal Using Indirect Methods
SUMMARY "The unconfined compressive strength (UCS) of coal is an important parameter that controls the stability of coal ribs in underground mines. Estimation of the UCS of coal units composing the rib is required for conducting the rib stability assessment technique. This technique requires conducting large numbers of conventional UCS tests in a laboratory, which are expensive and time consuming. The research work outlined in this paper examines the use of indirect strength estimation methods-the point...
AUTHOR Rashed, Gamal (primary); Barton, Timothy ; Sears, Morgan ; Van Dyke, Mark ; Mohamed, Khaled
TITLE The Prediction of Pillar Interaction Effects for Deep Multi-Seam Workings
SUMMARY "Mining in multi-seam workings has been undertaken for many years in the VK Remnant pillars above and/or below current working areas have an important influence on retreat gateroad conditions at five of the remaining six deep coal mines. These interaction effects need lo be predicted ahead of mining so that longwall panels can be positioned to minimize roadway damage and to identify areas where additional support should be installed early into competent strata when and where it is most effective...
AUTHOR Lightfoot. Nicholas (primary); Liu, Na
TITLE Subsidence Over Room and Pillar Retreat Mining in a Low Coal Seam
SUMMARY "The objective of this paper is to study the behavior of a low thick and low depth coal seam and the overburden rock mass. The mining method is room and pillar in retreat and partial pillar recovery. The excavation method is conventional drill and blast because of the small production. The partial pillar recovery is about 30%of the previous pillar size, 7m x 7m. The roof displacement was monitored during retreat operation; the surface movement was also monitored. The effect of the blasting vibra...
AUTHOR Zingano, Andre (primary); Weiss, Anderson
TITLE Evaluation of Rock Excavation Technologies for Seismically Active Mines
SUMMARY "The long-term viability of seismically active and/or deep mining operations hinges upon the industry's ability to maintain profitability in a climate of increasingly difficult conditions, escalating operating costs and fluctuating metal prices. Within this context, it is prudent to explore mining techniques that could provide means for safer and more profitable extraction of seismically active and/or deep seated deposits that are vital to the long term survival of the industry.The first step wa...
AUTHOR Singh, S. Paul
TITLE Selection of Tunnel Support System by Using Multi Criteria Decision Making Tools
SUMMARY "Selection of the optimum support system for underground openings such as tunnels is a complex process. In this paper a new approach, based on a combination of the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) the Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) and the Preference Ranking Organization METHod for Enrichment Evaluations (PROMETHEE), is introduced. For this purpose, the selection process is assumed to be a multi criteria decision-making problem. First different support ...
AUTHOR Hosseini, Navid (primary); Orace, Kazem ; Gholinejad, Mehran
TITLE Assessment of Rockburst Hazard by Quantifying the Consequence with Plastic Strain Work and Released Energy in Numerical Models
SUMMARY "Quantifying the rockburst consequence is of critical importance to reduce the hazards with preventative measures in underground mines and deep tunnels. Contours of energy components within a pillar model are plotted at different rockmass damage stages, and plastic strain work and released energy are proposed as indicators of rockmass damage consequence. One pillar model under different loading stiffness is simulated to assess indicators of pillar burst and the resulting damages. The results sho...
AUTHOR Wang, F. (primary); Kaund, R.
TITLE A Practical and Efficient Steel King Beam Structure Design Methodology at Slope Bottom Intersections
SUMMARY "Quantitatively identifying the load on a steel king beam set is a complicated issue in designing the king beam structure at the slope bottom area. From an engineering perspective, understanding the nature and support mechanism of the king beam structure as a standing support is critical in identifying the calculation input parameters for the structure design software. Based on design practices in recent years and successful applications in several slope bottom intersections, the authors present...
AUTHOR Li, Xiaoting (primary); Stankusm John C.
TITLE Challenges in German Subsidence Research-Retrospectives and Perspectives
SUMMARY "Due to multilateral underground use, mining subsidence is discussed more and more with regard to issues other than mining, such as post-mining topics, storage, or geothermal use. These discussions and the influence of the energy policy is why the situation in Germany is described as a transition from active to abandoned mining. Many PhD theses have been written within the last 20 years-every single one with a different topic but all with the same issue-the effects and challenges of mining subsi...
AUTHOR Preusse, Axel (primary); Müller, Denise