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TITLE Mapping and Application of Roof Joint Patterns for Ground Control inAn Illinois Mine
SUMMARY Ananalysis of the Roof Falls Data Base (RFDB) for underground coal mines in Illinois for the period 2004?2008 indicated that about 80% of the roof falls occur at intersections and are associated with geologic anomalies or a rapidly changing geologic environment. Most falls are associated with anomalies such as clay dikes, differential compaction faults, shear zones, joints and fractures, and geologic structure. Therefore, a better analysis of the geology with emphasis on mapping anomalies such a...
AUTHOR Basnett, Kenny D.
TITLE Recent Innovations for Slope Development
SUMMARY Patton Mining, LLC and J.H. Fletcher Company recently collaborated and mechanized the sometimes hazardous, and always labor intensive, process of installing standing steel supports during the construction of a slope entry of a new mine. The new innovation is a beam setting machine design that can lift and maneuver heavy steel beams into place over and around the belt and vent tubing. In addition, the machine is designed with an integral double extending lifting work platform to allow workers a s...
AUTHOR Burgess, Tim
TITLE Investigation of Acoustic Emission Sensors for Ground Control Hazard Recognition in Underground Mines
SUMMARY "Mine-wide ground control stability is essential to any mining operation to prevent catastrophic failure of underground structures. The ability to recognize or indicate the potential for ground control hazards in underground mine operations is highly desirable to reduce or eliminate ground-control-related injuries and fatalities. The acoustic emissions (AE) form of non-destructive testing has been used for decades to determine material or machine deterioration or potential failure. This paper pr...
AUTHOR Buchan, Gary
TITLE The Introduction of Uk Rockbolting Technology into Coal MinesAround the World
SUMMARY The introduction of UK rock bolting technology has been applied in many large underground coal mines around the world. This paper explains the methods that have been applied for its successful introduction and discusses several case studies. It does not give fine detail but is intended to allow decision makers to gain a basic understanding of the method used to introduce rock bolting to a mine.
AUTHOR Daws, Graham
TITLE Estimation of the Intact Strength of Coal Using Indirect Methods
SUMMARY "The unconfined compressive strength (UCS) of coal is an important parameter that controls the stability of coal ribs in underground mines. Estimation of the UCS of coal units composing the rib is required for conducting the rib stability assessment technique. This technique requires conducting large numbers of conventional UCS tests in a laboratory, which are expensive and time consuming. The research work outlined in this paper examines the use of indirect strength estimation methods-the point...
AUTHOR Rashed, Gamal (primary); Barton, Timothy ; Sears, Morgan ; Van Dyke, Mark ; Mohamed, Khaled
TITLE Subsidence Over Room and Pillar Retreat Mining in a Low Coal Seam
SUMMARY "The objective of this paper is to study the behavior of a low thick and low depth coal seam and the overburden rock mass. The mining method is room and pillar in retreat and partial pillar recovery. The excavation method is conventional drill and blast because of the small production. The partial pillar recovery is about 30%of the previous pillar size, 7m x 7m. The roof displacement was monitored during retreat operation; the surface movement was also monitored. The effect of the blasting vibra...
AUTHOR Zingano, Andre (primary); Weiss, Anderson
TITLE Assessment of Rockburst Hazard by Quantifying the Consequence with Plastic Strain Work and Released Energy in Numerical Models
SUMMARY "Quantifying the rockburst consequence is of critical importance to reduce the hazards with preventative measures in underground mines and deep tunnels. Contours of energy components within a pillar model are plotted at different rockmass damage stages, and plastic strain work and released energy are proposed as indicators of rockmass damage consequence. One pillar model under different loading stiffness is simulated to assess indicators of pillar burst and the resulting damages. The results sho...
AUTHOR Wang, F. (primary); Kaund, R.
TITLE A Practical and Efficient Steel King Beam Structure Design Methodology at Slope Bottom Intersections
SUMMARY "Quantitatively identifying the load on a steel king beam set is a complicated issue in designing the king beam structure at the slope bottom area. From an engineering perspective, understanding the nature and support mechanism of the king beam structure as a standing support is critical in identifying the calculation input parameters for the structure design software. Based on design practices in recent years and successful applications in several slope bottom intersections, the authors present...
AUTHOR Li, Xiaoting (primary); Stankusm John C.
TITLE Investigation Into Abnormal Surface Subsidence Above a Longwall Panel in the Southern Coalfield, Australia
SUMMARY The subsidence over a longwall panel at Tahmoor Mine in the Southern Coalfield of NSW, Australia, was found to be approximately twice the size it had been in previousmeasurements. An investigation into the potential causes was conducted using computer modeling together with hydrological characterization and detailed geotechnical characterization of the strata. The abnormal subsidence was found to be consistent with localized weathering of joint and bedding planes above a depressed water table a...
AUTHOR Gale, Winton J
TITLE Challenges in German Subsidence Research-Retrospectives and Perspectives
SUMMARY "Due to multilateral underground use, mining subsidence is discussed more and more with regard to issues other than mining, such as post-mining topics, storage, or geothermal use. These discussions and the influence of the energy policy is why the situation in Germany is described as a transition from active to abandoned mining. Many PhD theses have been written within the last 20 years-every single one with a different topic but all with the same issue-the effects and challenges of mining subsi...
AUTHOR Preusse, Axel (primary); Müller, Denise