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TITLE Machine Design Parameters For High Seam Truss Bolting Applications
SUMMARY An essential element of truss bolt installation requires machines to angle a hole in the top of approximately 39°to 45°from its vertical axis. Parameter which inherently effect the drill position are: height, width of truss, physical size of mast, and whether single or dual mast bolting is utilized. The combination of these facets govern the installation procedures required for the bolting cycle. The following illustration with written explanation will demonstrate this concept. See Figure #1. [...
AUTHOR Bucelluni, G.
TITLE Greater Safety With Increased Productivity Coal Mining Operations
SUMMARY When full length resin grouted bolts were introduced into U. S. coal mines some 11 years ago, it was assumed that safety would be the primary benefit. There is ample testimony to substantiate the safety factor as an important reason for using resin roof bolts. More recently, it has been determined that many coal operators not only concur with the safety consideration but also benefit economically from the safer working conditions resulting from a reduction in roof falls. IMPROVED SAFETY So...
AUTHOR Beerbower, William B.
TITLE Some Technical Considerations When Mining Under Bodies Of Water
SUMMARY Conducting mining operations under a body of Water can create hazardous conditions for miners. The potential for a sudden inrush must be considered and abnormal ground control conditions can be encountered. This paper synopsizes the factors which mine operators should take into account when evaluating whether an inrush may occur. It addresses the applicable Federal regulations and discusses some items which coal operators should consider in applying for a permit, Through collecting and analyzing...
AUTHOR Fredland, John W.
TITLE Critical Roof Span Approach To Selection Of Proper Coal Mine System
SUMMARY Coal mining both with longwall and room-and-pillar method often encounters severe operational difficulties due to had roof conditions. Rooffalls at entry cross-cuts or along the rib line in longwalls as welt as dynamic and excessive loads on supports due to overhanging of strong roof layers in a goab - are well known phenomena to the mine operators. Also, a number of practical examples may be quoted of dramatic improvement of working conditions after changing of coal winning technology or suppor...
AUTHOR Kidybinski, Antoni
TITLE Hydraulic Tensioning Of A Birmingham Roof Truss
SUMMARY In recent years, Peabody Coal Company has enjoyed a great amount of success using roof trussing as a secondary support system. Since 1975, over 180,000 trusses have been installed in 12 different Peabody mines with varying geological conditions. Projections from Peabody, and throughout the mining industry, indicate a continuous growth in the trussing principle for roof control. Peabody's primary supplier has sold over 1,000,000 trusses to 50 different mines throughout the country. (1) Roof tr...
AUTHOR Bollier, C. W.
TITLE Instrumentation and Monitoring For Pillar Extraction in a Deep, Faulted Uranium Mine
SUMMARY A rock mechanics instrumentation and monitoring program was implemented during pillar extraction at Gulf Mineral Resources' Mt. Taylor Mine, the deepest uranium mine in the U.S. Three types of monitoring were employed: (1) drift convergence around stopes (using a portable tube extensometer), (2) stress changes in pillars (using vibrating wire stressmeters in horizontal boreholes), and (3) load changes in haulage ways under stopes (using vibrating wire load cells in jack stands). Results includ...
AUTHOR Scotese, Thomas R.
TITLE Surface Flooding-Considerations For Mining Facilities Site Selection
SUMMARY This paper will be a general discussion of surface flooding considerations as they affect mining facilities site selection, based primarily on experience with several such problems with which MSHA's Bruceton Technical Support staff has been involved. The detailed analytical procedures used in arriving at engineering solutions of these problems will not he presented here; the emphasis is on drawing attention to this additional aspect of mine design which hitherto has been largely overlooked due t...
AUTHOR Mazzei, Daniel S.
TITLE Remote Control Roof Bolting
SUMMARY Remote control roof bolting is approaching reality with the continued improvement of a number of components and subsystems being developed by The Bendix Corporation under sponsorship of the U.S. Bureau of Mines and the U.S. Department of Energy. The era of remote control research in roof bolting was initiated by the USBM in June of 1973 with the award of a contract to Bendix Corporation to design and build a roof bolt bender/inserter device. One year later in June of 1974, the Bureau awarded fiv...
AUTHOR Fazio, Cosmo P.
TITLE Research, Development, And Use Of Steel-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Cribbing For Mine Roof Support
SUMMARY Through the combined efforts of the C. S. Bureau of Mines, the coal industry, and Burrell Construction and Supply Company, New Kensington, PA, a steel fiber reinforced concrete crib block to improve coal mine safety in the area of roof control has been developed and is currently in use commercially. The development objective was to improve health and safety conditions with a stiffer, stronger, nonflammable roof support at a competitive cost. During the time this method of roof control has been i...
AUTHOR Didcoct, Dale A.
TITLE Roof Falls And Caving In Longwall Mining Operations
SUMMARY Since the introduction of longwall systems, the prediction of roof behavior and support requirements have become the major issue referring directly to safety as well as productivity. In more recent times, and especially in the USA where longwalls are exclusively equipped with costly hydraulic self- propelled support systems, adecision whether a longwall is applicable in a given condition, and when so, what kind of equipment should be selected, is of primary importance. There are numerous exa...
AUTHOR Unrug, KotF.