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TITLE Mapping and Application of Roof Joint Patterns for Ground Control inAn Illinois Mine
SUMMARY Ananalysis of the Roof Falls Data Base (RFDB) for underground coal mines in Illinois for the period 2004?2008 indicated that about 80% of the roof falls occur at intersections and are associated with geologic anomalies or a rapidly changing geologic environment. Most falls are associated with anomalies such as clay dikes, differential compaction faults, shear zones, joints and fractures, and geologic structure. Therefore, a better analysis of the geology with emphasis on mapping anomalies such a...
AUTHOR Basnett, Kenny D.
TITLE Strata Control Investigations During Fully Mechanized Coal Pillar Extraction in Indian Coalfield
SUMMARY Considering the importance of a fully mechanized depillaring operation, the Indian coal mining industry has introduced a number of such depillaring operations at depths of cover ranging from 60 m to 377 m. The overlying strata of these depillaring faces vary widely from highly laminated, weak and easily caveable to massive, strong and difficult to cave. Most of these mechanized depillaring operations were carried out in difficult site conditions, however, performance monitoring in the field has ...
AUTHOR Singh, Rajendra
TITLE Recent Innovations for Slope Development
SUMMARY Patton Mining, LLC and J.H. Fletcher Company recently collaborated and mechanized the sometimes hazardous, and always labor intensive, process of installing standing steel supports during the construction of a slope entry of a new mine. The new innovation is a beam setting machine design that can lift and maneuver heavy steel beams into place over and around the belt and vent tubing. In addition, the machine is designed with an integral double extending lifting work platform to allow workers a s...
AUTHOR Burgess, Tim
TITLE A Case Study of Topography?Related Stress Rotation Effects on Multi?seam Stability
SUMMARY The complex interaction between multiple seam pillar extraction panels and variable topography can generate unexpected ground control problems. This case study describes stress-related damage in multiple seam workings that resulted in difficult operating conditions and compromised the safety of the support crews. The damage appeared to be caused by horizontal stress but the unexpected location of the damage baffled the authors. A 2D Finite element analysis was conducted of the mine layout and su...
AUTHOR Tulu, Ihsan Berk
TITLE The Introduction of Uk Rockbolting Technology into Coal MinesAround the World
SUMMARY The introduction of UK rock bolting technology has been applied in many large underground coal mines around the world. This paper explains the methods that have been applied for its successful introduction and discusses several case studies. It does not give fine detail but is intended to allow decision makers to gain a basic understanding of the method used to introduce rock bolting to a mine.
AUTHOR Daws, Graham
TITLE Introduction of a New Superior Coating on Ground Support Products
SUMMARY Corrosion can often cause significant strength reduction and failure of steel rockbolts, thus demanding continuous rehabilitation and posing challenges to underground mines in maintaining long term ground support. The mining industry has traditionally applied galvanized and epoxy coatings for protection of ground support and reinforcement in corrosive environments due to cost considerations. However, under a harsh and corrosive groundwater condition with extreme pH levels, failure of the exist...
AUTHOR Oler, Renn
TITLE Sandy Creek Waterfall?Case Study of Successful Management of the Potential Impacts of Longwall Mining on a Sensitive Natural Surface Feature
SUMMARY BHP Billiton Illawarra Coal operates Dendrobium Mine in an area 10-20km west-northwest of Wollongong in the Southern Coalfield of New South Wales, Australia. The mine recently completed longwall mining in Area 3A adjacent to an overhanging rock feature known as Sandy Creek Waterfall, which had been identified as a significant, and potentially sensitive natural surface feature of the environment. This waterfall lies within the Sydney drinking water catchment area, in a surface terrain of variab...
AUTHOR Hebblewhite, Bruce K.
TITLE Investigation Into Abnormal Surface Subsidence Above a Longwall Panel in the Southern Coalfield, Australia
SUMMARY The subsidence over a longwall panel at Tahmoor Mine in the Southern Coalfield of NSW, Australia, was found to be approximately twice the size it had been in previousmeasurements. An investigation into the potential causes was conducted using computer modeling together with hydrological characterization and detailed geotechnical characterization of the strata. The abnormal subsidence was found to be consistent with localized weathering of joint and bedding planes above a depressed water table a...
AUTHOR Gale, Winton J
TITLE MSHA Technical Review of Proposed Mine Designs for U.S.Underground Coal Mines
SUMMARY Ground fall injuries and fatalities in United States underground coal mines have shown a diminishing trend. Advances in bolting and standing support systems have led to improved safety in underground coal mines. However, the Crandall Canyon Mine disaster in 2007, in which 9 individuals were fatally injured as a result of a widespread collapse, emphasized that proper mine design is a critical issue that must be addressed. The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has instituted technical r...
AUTHOR Gauna, Michael
TITLE Protecting Underground Coal Miners From Rib Falls
SUMMARY In 2010, the number of fatal rib falls in U.S. underground coal mines exceeded fatal roof falls for the first time ever. While recent trends have seen roof fall fatalities reduced by about 62% since the 1990s (from an average of 9.6 per year in the 1990s to 3.6 per year during the last five years), the incidence of rib fall fatalities has remained approximately constant (about 1.5 per year). In addition, injury incidents associated with pillar rib failure have been steady at approximately 100 pe...
AUTHOR Gauna, Michael