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TITLE Rock Fracture, Caving and Interaction of Face Supports Under Different Geological Environments. Experience from Australian Coal Mine
SUMMARY This paper is presents a summary of recent investigations into fracture and caving about longwall panels. The results of these investigations indicate that rock failure initiates well ahead of the longwall face. Rock fracture typically forms in response failure through the material and bedding planes. Tensile fractures also form in massive units. These fracture patterns typically create a fracture network which determines the caving characteristics encountered at the faceline. The action of long...
AUTHOR Gale, Winston
TITLE Experimental Study of Acoustic Emission Characteristics for Burst-prone Coal/Rock Fracture Process
SUMMARY This paper analyzes experimentally the stress-strain relationship and the characteristics and variation trends of acoustic emission signals of the medium- and high-burst-prone coal/rock fracture process. The precursor and sensitive characteristics of the acoustic emissions when the burst-prone coal/rock fracture occurs were obtained. The characteristic index and the feasibility for predicting rock bursts using acoustic emissions technology were proposed. Keywords: burst-prone coal/rock, acous...
AUTHOR Changyou, Liu
TITLE Pumpable Roof Supports: Developing Design Criteria by Measurement of the Ground ReactionCurve
SUMMARY Pumpable roof supports provide an alternative longwall tailgate roof support and have grown in usage during the past few years. Heintzmann Corporation has been installing pumpable roof supports at the RAG Resources Emerald Mine in western PA since 1998, where they have provided effective roof control in their longwall tailgates. Despite the success of these supports in this application, questions remain regarding critical design issues for optimizing the use of this support technology. The suppo...
AUTHOR Barczak, Thomas
TITLE Influences of Longwall Subsidence on a Guyed Steel Tower - A Case Study
SUMMARY The potential influences of mining subsidence on structural stability, integrity and functionality of guyed tower structures have not been systematically studied before. This paper presents a ease study where a guyed steel tower of a telecommunication company was mined under by a longwall operation. Prior to mining, every aspect of the subsidence influences to this structure was studied. The pre-mining assessment indicated that the structure could experience vibration problem in the second half ...
TITLE Investigation into the Extent and Mechanisms of Gloving and Un-mixed Resin in Fully Encapsulated Roof Bolts
SUMMARY Effective strata control, utilising fully encapsulated roof bolts, is dependent on the installed quality of the reinforcement elements. One mechanism by which fully encapsulated roof bolts may become less than fully effective is by gloving (glove fingering) and un-mixing of the resin. Following some small roof failures containing gloved bolts, investigations have been undertaken in some New Zealand coal mines to determine the extent of, and mechanisms involved in, the gloving of fully encapsulat...
AUTHOR Campbell, R. N.
TITLE Root Causes of Groundfall Related Incidents in U.S. Mining Industry
SUMMARY The main objective of occupational health and safety research is tominimize or eliminate the events that may cause fatal or nonĀ¬fatal injuries to human workers. A commonly used technique is to devise an"incident prevention plan", which is more often the product of thorough investigations of past reported incident events. Incident documentation and methodical reporting and systematic and thorough data collection, often help identify the root cause of the incident - in other words, the etiology of...
AUTHOR Biswas, Kousick
TITLE Application of Yieldable and Cuttable Pump Crib in Longwall Recovery Room
SUMMARY Stability of a pre-exnacted recovery room plays a vital role when longwall face approaches and during a longwall face move. In an attempt to extend the application of pumpable cribs into recovery room support and to limit roof bolt installation when a longwall face approaches the recovery room, yieldable and cuttable pumpable cribs (YCPC) were employed in the recovery room at the northern West Virginia mine. The YCPC consists of two layers of materials with different strengths. This allows consi...
AUTHOR Gu, Quanzhong
TITLE A Study of Potential Fault Reactivation and Water Intrusion at a Longwall Coal Mine in Appalachia
SUMMARY A longwall coal mine in Appalachia about 1,500 ft deep encountered a fault while developing a new longwall panel. The fault extended from mining depth to the surface near a secondary road and drainage. The fault was located inside the anticipated angle of draw within the mined panel and gob. The fault extended vertically out and up, away from the panel, caved zone, and gob at nearly the angle of draw: the fault very nearly following the angle of draw. It was initially thought that"fault reactiva...
AUTHOR Kendorski, Francis
TITLE Effect of the Approaching Longwall Faces on Barrier and Entry Stability
SUMMARY RAG American Coal Holding, Inc. affiliates operate two longwall mines in the Pittsburg seam in Pennsylvania, the Cumberland mine and the Emerald mine. A unique situation in longwall operation occurred at these mines as the mining activities reached the property boundary between the two mines. The retreat direction in the longwall panel in Cumberland mine is West-to-East while in Emerald mine, it is East-to-West. This unique condition required an adequate design for barrier pillar between the two...
AUTHOR Beck, Klaus-Dieter
TITLE The Application of Pre-tensioned Grouted Tendons at Harworth Colliery, UK
SUMMARY The application of pre-tensioned tendon roof support assisted Harworth Colliery in their revival, from impending closure to lowest cost deep-mined producer in the UK, over just six months last year. The paper describes this success story, how it came about, the reasons"why", and the method"how"
AUTHOR Adams, Chris