In-Situ Measurements Of Pillar And Rockmass Behaviour In A Moderately Deep Hard-Rock Mine

Lougher, D. R. ; Ozbay, M. U.
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1995
An in-situ experimental programme was carried out to improve the understanding of the rockmass and pillar behaviour in moderately deep hard-rock mines. The experiments were carried out at Impala Platinum mines and consisted of precise levelling measurements in the footwall of the reef, stress measurements in pillars, convergence measurements in the stope, and petroscope observations in pillars. The results were analyzed using a computer program in an attempt to quantify the characteristic behaviour of the rockmass as well as the pillars. The measured off-reef displacement data were found to co11fonn to the trends obtained from elastic modelling and the correlation could be improved by modelling the small pillars with reduced modulus to simulate yielding' of the pillars. The stress strain curve obtained from analyzing the in situ results, showed that a 6x 3 xl m pillar yields without significant load shedding at peak stress levels of approximately 208 MPa. The closure measurements confirmed that the mechanism of yielding is mainly that of pillars punching into the foundations. Slight to moderate sidewall fracturing and slabbing might be contributing to yielding, but to a much lesser degree than the former mechanism, as the petroscope observation revealed the existence of an intact region beyond 0,6m from the pillar sides.
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