Official Opening Address Of The XV CMMI Congress

Molefe, S. P.
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 2
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1994
Mr Chairman, members of the executive committee, the sub-committee, distinguished speakers at this opening plenary session, delegates, affiliates, ladies and gentlemen. It is with pleasure that I have been called upon today to make these opening remarks and officially welcome you al at this auspicious assembly, the Fifteenth Congress of the Council of Mining and Metallurgical Institutions. Not only am I pleased to open the proceedings at this plenary session but for me to do so at Sun City in the North-West Province makes me doubly pleased. It is my wish that al delegates and their companions will enjoy the activities that are planned throughout the Congress and leave here with minds refreshed and stimulated by the technical sessions and memories enriched by being in such a unique and truly delightful setting as exists here at Sun City. The mix of delegates present reflects CMMI activities in many countries throughout the world-Australia, Japan, China, United Kingdom and South Africa among others. When it comes to mining and related activities, South Africa has a place at the top, a dominant role in platinum, gold, chromium, vanadium, dimension stone, coal and so forth, and here in the North-West Province we can proudly declare that some 25 per cent of the revenue from minerals in South Africa, namely R47 billion come from this area. Furthermore, we lead in the production of platinum group metals with 94 per cent of South Africa's total sales and thus hold first place in the world, 46 per cent of dimension stone sales, 32 per cent of chromate and 25 per cent of gold sales.
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