Annual General Meeting of the Institute

Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
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The Annual General Meeting of the Institute was held in Kelvin House, Johannesburg, on Wednesday, 26th August, 1970, at 4.15 p.m. Mr. J. K. E. Douglas (President) was in the Chair. There were also present sixty-three Fellows, thirty-five Members, one Graduate, eight Associates, five Students and nineteen Visitors, making a total of one hundred and thirty-two. The President declared the meeting open at 4.20 p.m. OBITUARIES The President: 'It is my sad duty to announce the deaths of the following members of the Institute. Dr J. A. Papenfus, Fellow, who joined the Institute in 1942 and passed away on the 28th of May, 1970. Mr D. G. Beadle, Fellow, who joined the Institute in 1946 and passed away on the 17th of June, 1970. Gentlemen, Derek Beadle was very well known in this Institute. His papers on dust will be remembered and, at the time of his untimely death, he was one of our assistant editors. As a mark of respect to the memory of the deceased and in sympathy with the bereaved, I would ask you to rise and observe a few moments' silence.' MINUTES The President: 'May we confirm the minutes of the General Meeting held on 15th April, 1970, as published in the July, 1970, issue of the Journal'. Agreed. WELCOME TO VISITORS The President: 'Ladies and Gentlemen, we are honoured this afternoon by the presence of many distinguished guests and I extend to you all a most cordial welcome. We are happy to have with us Dr A. A. von Maltitz, President of the Chamber of Mines of South Africa, who is also Honorary President of this Institute. We also have one of our Honorary Vice-Presidents, Mr T. L. Gibbs, the Government Mining Engineer; Mr D. E. Hamm, President, Institution of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, S.A.; Mr S. C. M. Naude, Director, Witwatersrand Technical College; Mr I. R. G. Stephen, Senior Vice-President, The S.A. Institute of Electrical Engineers; Mr G. M. Tompkins, President, The S.A. Institution of Mechanical Engineers; Professor P. B. Ackermann, President of the Geological Society of S.A.; Mr A. S. Robinson, Vice-President of the S.A. Institute of Civil Engineers; Professor W. Mare, President of the Institute of Land Surveyors of the Transvaal; Mr B. D. Charlton, President of the S.A. Institute of Assayers and Analysts; Mr R. Hemp, The President, The Mine Ventilation Society of S.A.; Mr L. J. Prince, The President, The S.A. Association of Mine Managers; Mr J. Botha, The President, The S.A. Institute of Foundrymen; Mr G. Niterl, The President, The Institute of Welding; Mr M. R. Gericke, President, S.A. Council of Professional Engineers; Mr N. A. Honnet, Chairman, Orange Free State Branch; Mr P. R. C. Cooke, Chairman. The South African Chemical Institute (S. Tvl. Section). Gentlemen, we are very honoured indeed, to have these distinguished gentlemen with us this afternoon, as our honoured guests. We are also pleased to have with us, one of our Honorary Fellows, Mr F. G. Hill, and several Past-Presidents. I also extend a very warm welcome to all our lady guests and to all our other visitors.' MEMBERSHIP The President: 'I have pleasure in announcing that the names of the following candidates, having been published in accordance with By-Law 5.2.2, Council has elected them to membership in the following grades: NEW APPLICATIONS Fellows: Herbert Dalton-Brown, Stephen William Morel. Members: Clive Lester Workman-Davies, Basil James Russell Botha. Students: Timothy Nigel Watson, John William Hair-bottle. I wish to welcome the new members to the Institute and to congratulate those members who have been transferred to a higher grade.' ANNUAL REPORTOFTHE COUNCILAND ACCOUNTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30th JUNE, 1970 The President: 'I now have pleasure in presenting to you, the Annual Report and Statement of Accounts for the year ended June, 1970. These have been handed to you this afternoon and, as is customary, I propose they be taken as read. Before moving their adoption, however, I would like to refer to some of the salient features, leaving as is usual, the task of dealing with the finances, to our Honorary Treasurer. It is encouraging that membership has continued to grow, and now stands at 1,613, an increase of 61 over last year's total. Your Council, however, is aware that there are still people in our mining and metallurgical industries, who could qualify for membership, but who have not yet joined the Institute. A drive to increase membership was accordingly organised, and members of Council were given the responsibility for campaigning in sections of industry, and for publicising the objectives and advantages of belonging to the Institute. Up to now there has not been much reaction to this campaign, but I hope we will see results in the coming year. At the same time, Council has recognised the need for change in the conduct of the Institute's affairs in order to meet the changing needs of our membership. Our members, both mining and metallurgical, are in the first place, geographically more widely dispersed than they used to be, and secondly, with the growth of the metallurgical industry, their technical interests are now more diversified. The Institute must cope with these changing needs if we are to continue to perform a useful function. The
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