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THE BRITISH COUNCIL AWARDS 1971-1972 The British Council invites applications from permanent residents of the Republic of South Africa and South West Africa, for the following awards: SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarships are available to such permanent residents who hold university degrees or comparable professional qualifications. The scholarships are tenable for postgraduate study at universities and other educational establishments in Britain for the academic year of approximately ten months beginning 1st October, 1971. BURSARIES Bursaries are available to such permanent residents who hold university degrees or who, being already established in their professions or trades, hold other qualifications. The bursaries are tenable at British educational institutions or other suitable establishments in Britain for a course of training, study or research lasting not less than two months or more than six. The British Council may, at its discretion, bear the cost of single or return fares to Britain. The closing date for applications is 31st July, 1970. TRAVEL GRANTS Travel grants each of £300 are available in respect of journeys to Britain undertaken between 1st April, 1971 and 31st March, 1972 and are provided to facilitate visits to British universities by persons holding staff appointments or graduate research posts at South African universities. Visits must normally be of at least six months duration. The closing date for applications is 31st October, 1970. For further particulars and the relevant application forms please write stating the type of award for which you wish to apply to: The Cultural Attache, British Embassy, Pretoria. THE SECOND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE PROPERTIES OF LIQUID METALS Tokyo, September 1972 The Second International Conference on the Properties of Liquid Metals will be held under the auspices of The Japan Institute of Metals and The Physical Society of Japan from 3rd to 8th September, 1972 in Tokyo. The purpose of this conference is to continue and extend the efforts towards the objective of the First International Conference on the Properties of Liquid Metals at Brookhaven, 1966. The tentative Conference subjects presently planned are: Structure of Liquid Metals and Alloys; Atomic Transport Properties (Diffusion, Viscosity, etc.); Electronic States and Transport Properties; Thermodynamical Properties; Melting and Phase Transitions. Correspondence regarding the Conference and the request for the First Notice should be addressed to: Professor S. Takeuchi, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, The Research Institute for Iron, Steel and Other Metals, Tohoku University, Sendai, 980, Japan. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NINTH COMMONWEALTH MINING AND METALLURGICAL CONGRESS 1969 Volume 4 of the Proceedings of the Ninth Commonwealth Mining and Metallurgical Congress 1969- Physical and fabrication metallurgy-contains the 24 papers presented under this general heading at the Congress. Also included are discussion, authors' replies, name and subject indexes, and plenary addresses by Sir Val Duncan, O.B.E. and Sir Ronald L. Prain, O.B.E.
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