Manpower Utilization in South Africa with Special Reference to the Mining Industry

McGregor, H. H.
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Unavailable
SYNOPSIS Changes in the national productivity (gross national product per head of the population) have been assessed in order to derive a target figure for the required annual increase. The conclusion reached IS compared with the targets of the economic development programme of the Republic. Productivity and management structure in the gold mining industry is then analyzed together with investment in plant, machinery and equipment for rock handling purposes. The conclusion is drawn that productivity improvement does not appear to have accorded with the massive expenditures in plant and equipment, and in augmented management. The productivity of the manufacturing and construction sectors of the economy has been examined. The principal difficulty is that the main avenue of approach is the value of product divided by the total labour force. This introduces inflationary questions, and the use of a suitable deflator becomes of prime importance. Severa1 different methods of assessing the productivity improvement in the industrial sector have been used with what is regarded as a comparatively high degree of compatibility. Improvements in productivity in the manufacturing industry up to 1966 appear, from the information available, to have substantially exceeded comparable figures for the mining industry. There is however evidence that thereafter productivity of the manufacturing industry has not maintained this satisfactory rate of increase. If the economy is to achieve the planned rate of expansion, there is no doubt that greater attention to this aspect will be required in the future than has been accorded to it in the past.
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