Proceedings Special General Meeting and February General Meeting

Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
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A Special General Meeting, followed by the February General Meeting of the Institute, was held in Kelvin House, Johannesburg, on 18th February, 1970, at 4.30 p.m. Mr J. K. E. Douglas (President) was in the Chair. There were also present 24 Members: Messrs A. R. C. Fowler, R. C. J. Goode, Prof D. D. Howat, Messrs D. G. Maxwell, J. A. Nixon, P. W. J. van Rensburg (Council Members), C. A. Border, J. C. Fritz, E. K. Gibson, P. L. Grimbeek, S. D. Hill, D. A. Immelman, P. J. Uoyd, M. Mrost, C. S. Macphail, D. G. Malan, W. D. Ortlepp, R. S. Pearson, A. J. H. Pole, Dr W. S. Rapson, L. W. P. van den Bosch, R. A. von Maltitz and Dr A. Whillier. Eight Associate Members: Dr M. I. Brittan, Messrs J. Brett, I. E. Clarke, C. L. de Jongh, W. B. Evans, D. Loubser, R. C. More O'Ferrall and G. R. Still. One Graduate: Mr T. J. Kotze. One Student: Mr J. A. Cruise. Nine Visitors: including Dr N. G. W. Cook, Messrs M. D. Labuschagne, A. Nicoll, S. Sadowski, Dr A. M. Starfield and Dr H. Wagner. Secretary: Mr D. C. Visser. Total present: 45. SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING The President: "You will have received notices of the Special General Meeting and I declare it duly constituted. In keeping with the trend of overseas and local institutes, your Council recommends that we should change our membership classification as indicated in the notes of the meeting. The new grades are proposed to replace those presently in the Constitution and By-Laws. In terms of Clause 4.8 of the Constitution a special general meeting must be held for the purpose of considering and, if approved, adopting with or without amendments, the revision of the undermentioned clauses of the Constitution, which Council now recommends should read as follows. Clause 2.2 'Corporate Members shall comprise the grades of Honorary Life Fellow, Fellow and Member', these being the equivalent of Honorary Life Member, Member and Associate Member. Clause 2.6. 'Non-Corporate Member shall comprise the grade of Honorary Fellow, Graduate, Associate and Student.' Are there any questions in regard to this proposal? If not would someone propose that these clauses be amended and adopted?" Proposer: Mr A. J. Nixon. Seconder: Prof D. D. Howat. The motion was then adopted. The President: "It is recommended that Clause 2.15 should read, 'A Corporate of the Member of the Institute shall be entitled to use the following authorised letters designating the grade of Membership in Honorary Life Fellow and Fellow, F.S.A.I.M.M. and Member, M.S.A.I.M.M.' Previously we used the letters M.S.A.Inst.M.M. and your Council considered that we should adopt the simpler lettering. Could I ask someone to propose that this amendment be adopted?" Proposer: Mr R. C. J. Goode.
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