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2nd CONGRESS OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR ROCK MECHANICS The 2nd Congress of the International Society for Rock Mechanics will be held in Belgrade, 21-26 September, 1970. The Congress will include: working sessions, study tours, receptions, excursions introduced in the working sessions and post-congress excursions and special programme for accompanying persons. Anyone interested in rock mechanics and its applicarion may take part in the 2nd Congress. Official languages of the Congress are: English, French and German. Simultaneous translation service will be provided during the Congress. All the correspondence concerning the 2nd Congress of the International Society for Rock Mechanics should be addressed to: Sekretarijat 2. kongresa Medjunarodnog drustva za mehaniku stena Institut za vodoprivredu "Jaroslav Cerni" Bulevar vojvode Misica 43, Postanski fah 530 Beograd - Jugoslavija NINTH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM TECHNIQUES FOR DECISION MAKING IN THE MINERAL INDUSTRY The Symposium which is to be held in Montreal during the week of June 14-19, 1970, follows the Computer Symposium held in Salt Lake City this year. The purpose of the Symposium is to define the role of decision making techniques within the mineral industry and to stimulate the development of specific applications. The subject of the Symposium-mathematics, operations research and computers as applied to the mineral industry-allows a complete picture of the mineral industry in its public policy, corporate, financial and technological environment to emerge. This is another of the series of symposia on this and related subjects started in the early 1960's at the University of Arizona. Sponsorship has included a number of Universities and the Society of Mining Engineers of the American Institute of Mining. This 1970 symposium is the first to be held outside of America, and is being sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Mining, McGill University and Ecole Polytechnique. A number of delegates from South Africa have participated in these symposia and several have already arranged to attend this symposium in Montreal. Enquiries should be directed to: Secretariat, The 9th International Symposium, Department of Mining Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique, P.O. Box 50l, Snowden, Montreal 248, Quebec, Canada. 24th INTERNATIONAL GEOLOGICAL CONGRESS This Congress is to be held in Montreal, Canada, from August 21 to 30, 1972. A very detailed and extensive programme has been proposed, and includes a number of excursions. Copies of the first circular are obtainable from: The Organizing Committee, 24th International Geological Congress, 601 Booth Street, Ottawa 4, Ontario, CANADA. SYMPOSIUM ON THE RECOVERY OF PYRITE The proceedings of the Symposium on the Recovery of Pyrite, held in Johannesburg on 12th to 13th June 1969 are now available. Copies may be ordered from the Secretary, S.A.I.M.M., P.O. Box 61019, Marshalltown, Transvaal at a cost of R10.00. Papers and addresses presented at the Symposium were: Opening Address by Mr J. K. E. Douglas (President). 'The world sulphur position,' by W. C. J. van Rensburg (Member). 'The South African sulphur position,' by D. L. Taylor (Member). 'The recovery of pyrite at Government Gold Mining Areas Limited,' by R. J. Westwood (Member), G. S. Stander (Affiliate) and H. R. Carlisle (Member). 'Recovery of pyrite concentrates from colliery-waste discards-A preliminary assessment,' by W. A. Gilbert (Visitor) and E. A. Nugent (Member). 'The role of pyrite in upgrading the uranium content of Witwatersrand conglomerate ores by means of the heavy-medium separation process,' by D. J. Tutt (Associate Member). 'Pyrite recovery by jigs at Durban Roodepoort Deep Limited,' by E. J. Dominy (Affiliate), F. Diamond (Affiliate) and A. D. Graham (Affiliate). 'The storage of pyrite concentrates,' by Joan C. Campkin (Visitor) and P. J. Lloyd (Member). 'The flotation plants of the Anglo- Transvaal Group,' by L. A. Bushell (Member). 'Pyrite flotation with amines and cyanidation of the products,' by E. H. D. Carman (Member). 'Gold recovery by cyanidation from mill products obtained after pyrite flotation,' by P. G. Mrkusic (Graduate), M. Sciarone (Visitor) and H. E. Simonsen (Visitor). 'The influence of sulphydral and cationic flotation reagents on cyanidation of native gold,' by K. G. Ashurst (Visitor) and W. P. Finkelstein (Member). 'Laboratory tests on the flotation of pyrite from Witwatersrand gold ores by cationic collector,' by J. Levin (Member), and M. L. Veitch (Visitor). Closing Address, by Dr R. E. Robinson (Director, National Institute for Metallurgy).
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