Proceedings February General Meeting

Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
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FEBRUARY GENERAL MEETING The January General Meeting of the Institute was held in Kelvin House, Johannesburg on 21st January, 1970, at 4.30 p.m. Mr V. C. Robinson (Vice-President) was in the Chair. There were also present eighteen Members, Messrs M. Barcza, A. R. C. Fowler, R. C. J. Goode, Prof J. de V. Lambrechts, Messrs T. C. A. Meyer, J. A. Nixon, V. C. Robinson and P. W. J. van Rensburg (Council Members), C. A. Border, D. F. H. Grave, S. D. Hill, A. F. Lee, W. L. le Roux, C. S. Macphail, D. L Starkey, S. G. Taussig, W. T. L Wayman and Dr A. Whillier. Three Associate Members, Dr M. I. Brittan, Messrs R. Hemp and M. J. Martinson. One Student, Mr R. P. W. Henrard. Two Visitors, Dr N. G. W. Cook and Mr J. B. Smith. Secretary, Mr D. C. Visser. Total present: Twenty-six. 1. OBITUARY The Vice-President: "It is my sad duty to announce the death of the following members of the Institute: Reginald Gordon McConnell, Member, who joined the Institute on 24th April, 1946 and passed away on 26th September, 1969. James Henry Moore, Member, who joined the Institute on 28th February, 1951 and passed away on 2nd January, 1970. As a mark of respect to the memory of the deceased and in sympathy with the bereaved I would ask those present to stand and observe a few moments silence." 2. MINUTES The Vice-President: "May we confirm the Minutes of the General Meetings held on 15th October and 19th November, 1969, as published in the December, 1969 issue of the Journal?" 3. MEMBERSHIP The Vice-President: "I have pleasure in announcing that the names of the under-mentioned candidates, having been published in accordance with By-Law 5.2.2, Council has elected them to membership of the Institute in the following grades: Member: Woodford Anson Gilbert. Associate Members: Michael John Harvey Tonking, Schalk Willem Vorster, Edward Alfred Cole, Johannes Godlieb Bosch. Graduate: Leonard Raymond Kilpatrick. Affiliates: Clive Frere Knight Pouiton, David Philip Ayliff, Kenneth Gillings, Edward Gilbert East. Students: Stirling Graham Low, Petrus Stephanus van der Merwe, Louis Johannes Fourie, Clive Maxwell Winterstein. MEMBERS TRANSFERRED TO A HIGHER GRADE From Associate Member to Member: Albert Arthur Hazell, Neville Martin Hayne. "I welcome the newly elected members to the Institute and congratulate the members who had been transferred to a higher grade. 4. GENERAL BUSINESS The Vice-President: "I wish to announce that except for the student prizes awarded at the November meeting, Council has decided to make no awards for 1969. Are there any further matters to raise under the heading of General? If not, we will proceed to the next item on the agenda which is the presentation of tonight's paper. 5. PAPER FOR PRESENTATION The Vice-President: "Professor Starfield may I call on you to deliver the paper entitled "A rapid method of calculating temperature increases along mine airways". After the presentation of the paper, the Vice-President said: The Vice-President: "Thank you very much, Professor Starfield. Gentlemen, I think that many of you here, who have to do with the design of mines in an age where costs and difficulties generally, are increasing at a rate which we find almost impossible to keep up with, I would agree with you that we are fortunate to have a band of people like Professor Starfield, and others who are dedicated to producing the tools, and methods which we need to sort out these problems. I am sure that you would agree with me, that the old rule-of-thumb methods are finished forever, that we can never go back to the methods which served us in the past, when we were close to the surface and had not met the conditions which we are meeting now, and which we are going to meet in an increasing degree in the future. It is to people like Professor Starfield, with these clear, completely logically described new methods, that we look for the solution of our problems in the future. I think the whole problem of layout of any mine, is one where you can reliably prognosticate what you are likely to find in a variety of circumstances to meet the wide range of things which must happen when you consider the costs in these modern operations. Thank you very much, Professor Starfield, for coming and giving us this paper. Thank you for making plain to me how these mathematical models of yours are used. I am sure that what you have said will be a very valuable addition to the archives of this Institution. Thank you very much, indeed, and Gentlemen, will you please show your appreciation in the normal way." (Applause). Professor J. de V. Lambrechts, Mr R. Hemp and Dr A. Whillier then contributed to the discussion. (These contributions will appear in a later issue of the Journal.) PAPERS OPEN FOR DISCUSSION The Vice-President: "Listed on the agenda are papers open for discussion. I would suggest that anyone wishing to contribute to these papers submit their contributions to the Secretary in writing." CONCLUSION The Vice-President: "I wish to thank members and visitors for their attendance, and now declare the meeting closed." The meeting closed at 5.30 p.m
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