The Functional Relationship Between Dust Hazard and the Rate of Collecting Funds to Pay Compensation for Pneumoconiosis

Du Toit, R. S. J.
Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 19
Publication Date: Unavailable
SYNOPSIS This paper is based on a thesis dealing with the problem of basing the current rate at which money is collected from mine owners to pay compensation for pneumoconiosis in the future, on the current dust hazard on mines. The certification of pneumoconiotics and the incidence of pneumoconiosis are discussed against the background of existing legal provision for collecting funds for compensation. The various pneumoconiosis indices are considered. In the data analyzed, the only pneumoconiosis index common to a number of classes of mines is the time it takes to develop pneumoconiosis. Sets of dust indices and pneumoconiosis indices are computed. Expressions are derived for the time it takes to develop pneumoconiosis as a function of the dust hazard, and for the collection of funds as a function of the time available for collection. From these two expressions follows an expression for the rate of collecting funds as a function of the dust hazard.
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