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Ninth International Symposium TECHNIQUES FOR DECISION MAKING IN THE MINERAL INDUSTRY The Symposium which is to be held in Montreal during the week of 14th to 19th June, 1970, follows the Computer Symposium held in Salt Lake City in September, 1969. The purpose of the Symposium is to define the role of decision-making techniques within the mineral industry and to stimulate the development of specific applications. The subject of the Symposium-mathematics, operations research and computers as applied to the mineral industry-have permitted us to structure it in such a way that a complete picture of the mineral industry in its public policy, corporate, financial and technological environment emerges. Topics for the sessions are: . The Public Policy Environment;. The role of Decision Making Techniques in the Mining Company; . Information Storage and Retrieval; . Markets-Forecasting, Patterns and Strategies;. Search for Mineral Deposits;. Quantification of Geological Variables;. The Mine Development Decision; Production Systems;. Planning, Scheduling and Control Systems. The sessions will be directed energetically by chairmen who have been in continuous contact with the authors, providing them with information about related papers and sessions. This symposium is sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, McGill University and Ecole Polytechnique. Further information may be obtained from: The 9th International Symposium. W. H. Gauvin, General Chairman, J. Elbrond, Programme Chairman. Department of Mining Engineering, Ecole Poly technique, P.O. Box 501, Snowdon, Montreal 248, Quebec, Canada. ACHEMA 1970 The European meeting of Chemical Engineering and the Achema Congress 1970 is being held at Frankfurt/Maine, from 17th to 24th June, 1970. The programme includes some 110 plenary and specialised lectures, numerous technical films, excursions, and technical discussions in front of the exhibits which form the central feature of the Achema-Exhibition Congress. Further information may be obtained from the honorary representative of Achema in South Africa, Mr F. Schilling, P.O. Box 31274, Braamfontein, Johannesburg. NINTH COMMONWEALTH CONGRESS PROCEEDINGS Publication of the proceedings of the Ninth Commonwealth Mining and Metallurgical Congress, 1969, is being undertaken by the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, London. There will be four volumes covering papers presented at the Congress together with the discussion and author's replies, and the addresses by Sir Duncan and Sir Ronald Prain. These will be available April-June 1970. Special pre-publication prices apply to orders received before 1st April, 1970. Order forms may be obtained from Secretary S.A.I.M.M., P.O. Box 1183, Johannesburg. 6th World Congress on the Prevention of Occupational Risks This Congress, dealing with industrial accidents and occupational diseases, will be held in Vienna from 10th to 15th May, 1971. Further information may be obtained from: VI Weltkongress für Unfallverhütung, Postfach 745, A-1015 Wien, ÖSTERREICH. International Vacuum Metallurgy Conference 1970 The Vacuum Metallurgy Division of the American Vacuum Society is organizing an international meeting that will be held at the Convention Center in Aanaheim, California from 15th to 19th June, 1970. Enquiries should be directed to the Arrangement's Chairman, L. M. Bianchi, TRW Inc., 23555 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44117, Tel. No. (216) 383-2111. AIME WORLD LEAD-ZINC SYMPOSIUM This symposium is being held from 21st to 23rd October, 1970, in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., in conjunction with the Fall Meeting of the Society of Mining Engineers, and a Rapid Excavation Conference. In addition to local field trips to smelter and refinery operations there will be a number of extended trips of six to eight days. Information may be obtained from: Mr. John C. Fox, Secretary, Society of Mining Engineers of AI.M.E., 354 East 47th Street, New York, N.Y. 10017, U.S.A. NEW SUBSCRIPTION RATE TO THE JOURNAL As from 1st JANUARY, 1970, the subscription rate for the Journal has been increased from R12.00 to R18.00 per annum, i.e. R1.50 per issue instead of R1.00. The discount to booksellers is 15 per cent. COURSEOF THE THEORYOF THE UNIT OPERATION OF GRINDING The South African Institute of Chemical Engineers is arranging for Prof. L. G. Austen to conduct a course on the above subject in September, 1970. Interested persons should contact Dr G. S. Harrison, S.A. Institution of Chemical Engineers, A.E. & C.I., 15 Anderson Street, Johannesburg. METRICATION The S.A. Bureau of Standards has published a document entitled "Metric Scales and Units for use in the Building and Construction Industry." It has been compiled by the Metrication Committee of the National Building and Construction Advisory Council and is the first of the series of informatory documents relating to the programme for the metrication of the Building Act Construction Industry. This document is obtainable from the South African Bureau of Standards, Private Bag 191, Pretoria at 50c per copy.
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