Proceedings October General Meeting

Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
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The October General Meeting of the Institute was held in Kelvin House, Johannesburg, on 15th October, 1969, at 4.30 p.m. Mr J. K. E. Douglas (President) was in the Chair. There were also present 17 Members, Messrs: M. Barcza, R. C. J. Goode, J. A. Nixon and V. C. Robinson (Council Members), M. L. Fitzgerald, D. F. H. Graves, C. G. Hinds, S. D. Hill, J. S. Hall, D. F. Malan, T. Meyer, W. pyne-Mercier, K. S. Rae, S. G. Taussig, L. W. P. van den Bosch, Dr A. Whillier, C. H. Wyndham. Four Associate Members: Messrs O. Davel, M. J. Martinson, M. P. J. Sandys, T. G. Harington. One Student: R. P. W. Henrard. Three Visitors: Messrs A. V. Pike, B. Schmitz, A. P. Raats. Secretaries: D. C. Visser and S. de. Gersigny. Total present: Twenty-eight. OBITUARY The President: "It is my said duty to announce the death of Pieter Ulrich Fischer, Member, who joined the Institute in 1961 and passed away on 24th June, 1969. As a mark of respect to the memory of the deceased and in sympathy with the bereaved I would ask you all to rise and observe a few moments' silence." MINUTES The President: "The minutes of the last meeting will only appear in next month's Journal and I would request that the confirmation of these minutes be held over." MEMBERSHIP The President: "I have much pleasure in announcing that the names of the undermentioned candidates, having been published in accordance with By-Law 5.2.2, Council has elected them to membership of the Institute in the following grades:" Members: Alexander Edward O'Meara, Anton Leopold Melvill, WilIiam Harold Wise, Eric John Dunstan, Frank Nel, Lubertus Hendrikus Jakob Poortier. Associate Members: Michael Irvine Britten, Selwyn Wilson Lange. James McCormack, Christiaan Lodewyk de Jongh, WilIiam Andrew Hustrulid, Reinhold Johannes Ortlepp, Felix Henry Lancaster. Graduates: Willem Adriaan Gericke, Hamish David Sneddon Miller, David lan Ossin, Robert Antony Layboume, Ewart John Shillaber, Colin Hewitt Wiggett. Affiliates: Bernard Andre Thomas, Waiter Arthur Wood, Andrew John George Paschalides, David John Perry, Alex Richardson, Gert Blekker Kotze. Student: Matthys Jacobus de Beer. MEMBERS TRANSFERRED TO A HIGHER GRADE From Associate Member to Member: David Alphonso Viljoen. From Student to Associate Member: Michael Charles Carruthers. "I welcome the newly elected members to the Institute and congratulate the members who have been transferred to a higher grade." PAPERS FOR PRESENTATION The President: "Professor Wyndham, may I call on you to deliver the paper entitled 'Factors affecting the mechanical efficiency of men shovelling rock in stopes', written jointly with J. F. Morrison, J. H. Viljoen, N. B. Strydom and A. Heyns." After the presentation of the paper the President said: "Gentlemen, I would like to thank Dr Wyndham and his colleagues for once again reporting through the medium of this Institute the results of the very important work they are carrying out at the Human Science Laboratories. It is most appropriate that this work which is leading to a better understanding of the capabilities and efficiency of the human body under the arduous conditions encountered underground should be reported to this forum. In this way our members, who are actively engaged in the job of mining, can firstly learn something of this research and secondly, can, with their practical knowledge of conditions underground, contribute to what has been learnt and possibly pose new problems for our scientists in the laboratories. The scientist should always have the opportunity of subjecting his research to the scrutiny of people engaged in practical operations. By the very nature of our gold mines we are unfortunately heavily dependent on a large labour force and while mechanization has been introduced wherever feasible, we are likely to continue to be heavily dependent on this labour. In accepting this fact we can be proud in this country of what has been achieved, not only in obtaining the best efficiency from labour but in ensuring that their working conditions are reasonable and that their health and well-being are adequately cared for. When one visits our gold mines, one cannot help being impressed with what is being done to ensure that we have a satisfied, happy and healthy labour force. The Human Sciences Laboratory with its scientific approach has assisted greatly in promoting a better understanding of the problems associated with labour under the conditions experienced on our mines. Thank you." Mr M. Martinson then contributed to the discussion. (This contribution will appear in a later issue of the Journal.) "Professor Wyndham, may I call on you to deliver the paper entitled 'Acclimatizing men to heat in climatic rooms on mines,' written jointly with Prof Strydom." After Dr Wyndham had presented the paper the President said: "Thank you Dr Wyndham for so ably describing the work associated with the acclimatization procedures on our gold mines. It has certainly been an eye-opener to those of us not familiar with this work and I believe it is very important that everyone and not only people in the gold mines should know about it. It is fortunate that all industries do not have the same arduous heat conditions experienced on our mines but other industries such as our chemical and metallurgical industries do have other problems relating to the adjustment of labour to the work situation. The scientific approach employed by the gold mines in tackling this problem is an example to these industries of what can be achieved by logical
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