Witbank-Middelburg Branch Annual General Meeting

Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
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The Annual General Meeting of the Branch was held in the Witbank Golf Club on Thursday, 28th August, 1969 at 5.00 p.m. Mr C. G. Sowry (Chairman) was in the Chair. There were also present: Ten Members: Messrs J. Meintjes (Vice-Chairman), J. E. van Aswegen, A. C. Hofmeyr, I. Botha, B. F. v. d. Merwe, C. H. Coxon, R. Canny, R. C. J. Goode, A. Bain, G. E. Carlyon. Six Associate Members: Messrs B. T. Hosking, R. E. Powell, W. Weber, T. Bulloch, E. J. Jackson, P. J. Muller. Fourteen Visitors. Total Present: 31. The Chairman declared the meeting open and extended a welcome to all visitors including Mr R. C. J. Goode, President of the Institute. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS GENERAL MEETING The Minutes of the General Meeting held on the 26th June, 1969, were read and adopted. CHAIRMAN'S REPORT The Chairman presented a report outlining the activities of the Branch during the past year. Membership of the local Branch had increased from 80 to 99 during the year. DECLARATIONOF OFFICEBEARERS The Chairman announced that owing to his transfer out of the Witbank area, he was unable to accept the nomination as Chairman for a further year of office. The outgoing committee had elected Mr J. Meintjes Chairman and Mr A. Bain Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year. Mr J. Meintjes then took the chair. Mr J. Meintjes thanked Mr C. G. Sowry for his successful steering of the Branch during its period of inauguration. ELECTION OF COMMITTEE MEMBERS The Chairman then read the Scrutineers' Report and declared the following eight members elected as Committee Members for the 1969-1970 year: Messrs I. Botha, A. W. Brereton, G. E. Carlyon, B. T. Hosking, E. J. Jackson, B. D. McNeice, P. J. Muller, B. F. van der Merwe. TALK The Chairman then called upon Mr A. Bain to present his talk and film show on 'Impressions of the mining and metallurgy congress tour to Australasia'. CLOSURE After thanking the speaker for an interesting talk, the Chairman declared the Meeting closed at 8.40 p.m.
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