Orange Free State Branch Annual General Meeting

Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
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The annual general meeting of the Branch was held at the St. Helena Club on Thursday, August 21, 1969. Mr J. G. Kirchner (Chairman) was in the Chair. Also present were Mr R. C. J. Goode, President of the S.A. Institute of Mining and Metallurgy; Nine Members: Messrs N. A. Honnet, W. R. Lawrie, J. N. Saunders, D. D. Waterman (Committee Members), M. G. Cullen, G. C. P. Labuschagne, H. A. G. Slater, I. G. Thomas, T. Zadkin and Nine Associate Members: Messrs R. Campbell, D. E. Couperthwaite, T. M. Espach, J. M. Ferguson, G. W. Futcher, A. G. C. Merson, E. R. Penny, R. B. Sutherland, J. W. van den Munckhof and One Visitor: Mr D. J. McLaren. The Chairman declared the meeting open and, on behalf of the Branch, thanked the President for coming from Johannesburg to attend. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUSGENERALMEETING As the Minutes of the General Meeting held on June 18, 1969 had not yet been published in the Journal, the Chairman moved that their adoption and the discussion thereof be deferred to the next General Meeting. This motion was adopted unanimously. CHAIRMAN'S ANNUAL REPORT 1968/69 At Mr Kirchner's request, Mr. R. C. J. Goode took the Chair during the presentation of the Chairman's Annual Report. (This report was published in the August 1969 issue of the Journal.) OFFICE BEARERS AND COMMITTEE MEMBERS FOR THE YEAR 1969/70 The Chairman announced that the outgoing Committee had elected the following office bearers for the coming year: Chairman: N. A. Honnet; Vice-Chairman: J. N. Saunders; Immediate Past Chairman: J. G. Kirchner. The Chairman then read a letter from the scrutineers reporting that the following had been elected to the Committee: M. S. Grobler, W. R. Lawrie, L. O. W. Leimer, A. T. Lewis, R. S. Pearson, T. Zadkin. The Chairman thanked the scrutineers for their services, and congratulated Messrs Lawrie, Leimer and Zadkin on their re-election and Messrs Grobler, Lewis and Pearson on their election to the Committee. The Chairman announced that he had heard, with regret, that Mr. T. Zadkin would be leaving the O.F.S. at the end of August, 1969. Mr Zadkin had served on the Committee continuously since the inception of the O.F.S. Branch and records showed that he had only failed to attend three General Meetings in over nine years. The Chairman expressed the gratitude of the Branch for Mr Zadkin's invaluable services to the Institute, congratulated him on his well earned promotion and wished him well in his new position. INDUCTION OF CHAIRMAN The Chairman introduced Mr N. A. Honnet to the meeting by briefly outlining his past career and, after congratulating him on his election, called upon him to take the Chair. In congratulating the out-going Chairman on a very successful term of office, Mr Honnet said that due to the absence of many Committee Members for a large portion of the year Mr Kirchner had carried a heavy burden, and he moved a vote of thanks and appreciation for Mr Kirchner's efforts. This was carried unanimously. GENERAL BUSINESS There were no points raised under this heading. MINING AND METALLURGICAL CONGRESS The Chairman called on Mr W. R. Lawrie to give his talk on aspects of the Mining and Metallurgical Congress recently held in Britain. This presentation was illustrated with photographic slides and proved of great interest to Members. Mr D. D. Waterman proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Lawrie and the Chairman then asked Mr R. C. J. Goode to contribute to Mr Lawrie's address. Mr Goode thanked Mr Kirchner for his efforts during his very successful term of office and congratulated the in-coming Chairman and Vice-Chairman on their election. He then gave a brief talk on aspects of the Congress not dealt with in Mr Lawrie's address. These included the industry's requirements of graduates, the necessity of their rapid advancement and the desirability of sending such young men to attend future Congresses. Mr Goode announced that two symposiums will be sponsored by the Institute next year, one on Tunnelling and the other on Open Cast Workings.
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