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P.W.D. ROSTER OF CONSULTING ENGINEERS (Extract from a letter from the Secretary for Public Works) In recent years a large number of professional engineers has entered the consulting field. Although the names of most of these have been placed on the Department's roster of consulting engineers either as a result of representations made by the South African Association of Consulting Engineers or by applying direct to the Department there are still some who seem to think that canvassing through an influential person is necessary to obtain commissions from the Department. The Department's roster is open to all registered professional engineers who are suitably experienced to undertake consulting work and commissions are awarded strictly on merit. I shall appreciate it, therefore, if registered professional engineers who wish to be considered for commissions by the Department could be advised that they must apply, in the first instance, to be placed on the Department's roster. On receipt of such an application a questionnaire listing all the information required by the Department will be forwarded to the applicants for completion and returning to the Department for record purposes. All names which appear on the roster are taken into account when a commission has to be awarded, due consideration being given to factors such as geographical position, seniority, capability and compatibility. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MINING ENGINEERS 1970 FALL MEETING AND EXHIBIT The Secretary for Commerce has passed to us a letter received from the American Society of Mining Engineers, reading as follows: "We would be delighted to have South Africa attend our meeting next year and to exhibit some of their mining equipment in our Technological Information Exchange. The 1970 SME Fall Meeting and Exhibit will be held in St. Louis, Mo., October 21-23, 1970, at the Kiel Auditorium. The AIME WorId Conference on Lead & Zinc Mining and Metallurgy will be an integral part of our meeting-and an added incentive to attend. It should be understood that we discourage the showing of actual mining equipment and encourage the manufacturers and suppliers to send their engineers to man the booths. We hope that the exhibits will endeavour to put across their story by means of photographs, drawings, models and literature, rather than by display of prototypes of the actual equipment. We will be happy to welcome manufacturerers from South Africa as well as the mining engineers who, from time to time, have registered at our meetings." For further particulars, interested parties may write to the Society of Mining Engineers, 345 East 47th Street, New York, N.Y. 10077, D.S.A.
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