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Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
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Sedimentary Ores-Ancient and Modern (Revised), edited by C. H. James. Proceedings of the 15th Inter-University Geological Congress. University of Leicester, December, 1967. Special Publication No.1, Department of Geology, University of Leicester, February, 1969. Obtainable from: Leicester University Bookshop, May's Walk, Leicester LE 17 RD. Price: 42s. Postage and packing, 3s. 6d. This volume should be of interest to economic geologists and students in this field. A number of illustrated papers on the genesis of ores in sediments are presented; the authors include experts such as Prof G. C. Amstutz, Dr K. C. Dunham, Prof D. Williams and W. G. GarIick. The papers deal mainly with sulphide deposits, but the late Prof J. H. Taylor's contribution concerns ores of iron and manganese. Brief references to the Witwatersrand ores represent the only discussion of South African deposits. With the notable exception of W. G. Garlick's paper on Zambian copper deposits, the Abstracts given are inadequate, necessitating thorough reading of the papers to extract the important matter.
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