Orange Free State Branch June General Meeting

Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
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The June General Meeting of the Branch was held in the St. Helena Club on Wednesday, 18th June, 1969. Mr J. G. Kirchner (Chairman of the O.F.S. Branch) was in the chair. There were also present: Eight Members: Messrs A. F. Leger, J. N. Saunders, T. Zadkin (Committee Members), Messrs M. G. Cullen, M. S. Grobler, C. J. Isaac, S. L. S. Swart, P. S. Turner. Eight Associate Members: Messrs R. Campbell, D. E. Couperthwaite, J. D. Couperthwaite, A. Hepburn, P. A. Hoffman, H. J. Reeders, R. B. Sutherland, P. R. Wheeler. Two Graduates: Messrs M. T. G. Davies, B. D. Goodwin. Two Affiliates: Messrs L. D. Hulley, K. L. Wilson. Three Visitors. Total Present: 24. Apologies were received from Mr L. O. W. Leimer. The Chairman declared the meeting open and, after extending a welcome to all visitors, said that it was his sad duty to announce the recent death of Mr. R. Jack, Associate Member. As a mark of respect to the deceased and in sympathy with the bereaved, those present stood in silence for a few moments. MINUTES OF PREVIOUSGENERALMEETING The Minutes of the Previous General Meeting held on the 19th February, 1969, which were published in the April Journal, were taken as read and their adoption proposed by Mr J. N. Saunders and seconded by Mr D. E. Couperthwaite. MA TTERS ARISING FROM THESE MINUTES There were no matters arising from these minutes. ELECTION OF SCRUTINEERS Mr V. J. Isaac proposed and Mr M. S. Grobler seconded a motion that Messrs J. G. Kirchner, J. N. Saunders and M. G. Cullen be elected scrutineers in the forthcoming election of Committee Members. GENERAL BUSINESS The Chairman announced that a visit to the South African Railways Workshops in Bloemfontein had been arranged for the 23rd July, 1969 and expressed the hope that this would be well patronised. TALKS The Chairman called first on Mr D. E. Couperthwaite to present his paper on 'Heavy media separation' and then on Mr A. F. Leger to present his paper on 'Engineering plastics'. Both presentations, which were illustrated with diagrams, proved of great interest to all members. A vote of thanks to both speakers was proposed by Mr T. Zadkin. CLOSURE After thanking the speakers, the Chairman thanked all present for their attendance and declared the Meeting closed at about 9.30 p.m. Refreshments were then served.
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