Annual Report and Accounts for the Year Ended 30th June, 1969

Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
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Your Council has pleasure in submitting its report for the year ended 30th June, 1969. COUNCIL The following served as Office Bearers during the year under review: Messrs. R. C. J. Goode (President), J. K. E. Douglas and V. C. Robinson (Vice-Presidents), P. Lambooy (Immediate Past President) and D. G. Maxwell (Honorary Treasurer). Members of Council: Messrs R. J. Adamson, M. Barcza, F. P. Bath, Or J. M. Bereza, Or W. Bleloch, Messrs H. Britten, H. E. Cross, A. R. C. Fowler, A. E. Gilfillan, G. W. Holl, Prof D. D. Howat, Or J. P. Hugo, Messrs C. J. Irving, D. M. Jamieson, J. G. Kirchner, Prof J. de V. Lambrechts, Mr C. E. Mavrocordatos, Or J. T. McIntyre, Mr J. A. Nixon, Prof R. P. Plewman, Messrs J. F. Reid, H. Simon, C. G. Sowry, W. T. Stobart and P. W. J. van Rensburg. Ten Council meetings were held during the year with an average attendance of eighteen. FINANCE The annual accounts, which are attached to this report, show an excess of expenditure over income of R2,124, compared with an excess of income over expenditure of R4,218 last year. There are a number of reasons for this substantial change. There was a loss on realization of investments compared with a substantial surplus in recent years. The publication of the Journal once again resulted in a large loss in spite of a generous subvention of R2,000 from the Department of Cultural Affairs and other assistance amounting to R750. The revenue from sales of publications was down considerably. This is a figure which fluctuates considerably from year to year. The secretarial fee was considerably higher than previously. Due to pressure of work it was necessary for the Secretary to relinquish his duties with the Institute of Land Surveyors and, therefore, for this Institute to assume the additional staff costs involved. Finally there was unusual expenditure on the 75th Anniversary celebrations. There was a pleasing increase in revenue from subscriptions, due to the steadily increasing membership, but this was quite inadequate to cover the substantial increases in expenditure and losses in revenue mentioned above. The changes that have been effected in the arrangements for the publication of the Journal have been mentioned elsewhere in this report. It is expected that these will bring about substantial financial benefits in the long term. The MacArthur Forrest Memorial Fund shows an excess of income over expenditure of Rl00 and the total fund was therefore increased by this amount to R4,206. The balance sheet indicates that the market value of quoted shares and debentures increased during the year from R8,755 to R13,059, while the Accumulated Funds now amount to R22,567 as against R24,691 last year. MEMBERSHIP Fifty-six Members, fifty-five Associate Members, thirteen Graduates, twenty-two Affiliates and twenty- nine Students were elected during the year. Twelve Members were admitted to Life Membership; seven Associate Members were transferred to the grade of Member; four Graduates and two Students were transferred to the grade of Associate Member; five Students were transferred to the grade of Graduate; three Affiliates were transferred to the grade of Member; five Affiliates were transferred to the grade of Associate Member. Three Members, seven Associate Members, two Graduates, two Affiliates and six Students were removed from the Membership Roll in terms of By-Law 7.7.1. Your Council records with deep regret the death during the year of the following members: E. F. J. Bulman (Member), E. F. Chapin (Member), R. A. H. Flugge-de-Smidt (Hon. Life Member), T. S. Haldane (Member), J. M. Massie (Associate Member), S. W. Page (Student), S. R. Rabson (Member), M. Ramsay (Member), F. Wartenweiler (Hon. Life Member). A comparative statement of the membership as at 30th June, 1969, and the end of the previous year is shown in the following tabulation: 30th June 30th June 1968 1968 Honorary Life Members 12 10 Honorary Members 6 6 Life Members 176 189 Members 488 514 Associate Members 409 448 Graduates 60 68 Affiliates153 155 Students152 162 1,456 1,552 PAPERS AND JOURNAL The Institute is changing the format of the Journal from the present size to the standard international A4 size with effect from August, 1969. In making this change it will conform to more general practice today in regard to publications and this should effect certain economies and facilitate selling of advertising space. It has been arranged that in future the publication of the Journal, including advertisement sales, will be handled by Kelvin Publications (Pty.) Ltd. who are already doing this work satisfactorily for the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Institutes. In making these changes the opportunity was taken of redesigning the outer cover of the Journal to incorporate the new coat of arms. The Presidential Address by Mr R. C. J. Goode and twelve papers which were published in the Journal during the year are listed below: August, 1968: Presidential Address: "The Institute-In retrospect and prospect." September, 1968: "Rotary mill liner practice in the South African gold mining industry," by J. H. French and O. E. Lissner.
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