Annual General Meeting of the Institute

Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
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The Annual General Meeting of the Institute was held in Kelvin House, Johannesburg, on Wednesday, 27th August, 1969, at 4.15 p.m. Mr. R. C. J. Goode (President) was in the Chair. There were also present seventy Members, ten As¬sociate Members, two Affiliates, one Student and twelve Visitors making a total of ninety-five. The President declared the meeting open at 4.20 p.m. OBITUARIES The President: "It is my very sad duty to announce the deaths of the following members of the Institute: Mr James Charles Napoleon Humphreys, a Life Member who joined the Institute on 1st April, 1935, and passed away on 6th February, 1969. Mr Michael John Worrall, Graduate Member, who joined the Institute in 1960 and passed away on 2nd June, 1969. Mr Eric Adam Conrad Dickson, Associate Member, who joined the Institute on 13th June, 1952 and who passed away on 8th June, 1969. Mr Robert Jack, Associate Member, who joined the Institute on 2nd August, 1956, and passed away on 14th June, 1969. Mr R. A. H. Flugge-de-Smidt, Honorary Life Member and Gold Medallist, who joined the Institute in 1922 and passed away on 17th June, 1969. Mr John Gordon Craig, a Member who joined the Institute on 23rd August, 1960, and passed away on 6th August, 1969. As a mark of respect to the memory of the deceased, and in sympathy with the bereaved, I would ask you to rise and observe a few moments silence." MINUTES The President: "May we confirm the Minutes of the General Meeting held on 18th June, 1969, as published in the July, 1969, issue of the Journal?"-Agreed. WELCOME TO VISITORS The President: "We are honoured this afternoon by the presence of the Institute's Honorary President, Mr R. S. Cooke, President of the Chamber of Mines of South Africa, and by one of our Honorary Vice-Presidents, Mr T. L. Gibbs, the Government Mining Engineer, as well as by the presence of many distinguished guests, to all of whom I extend a most cordial welcome. We are happy to have present, Mr S. C. M. Naude, Director of the Witwatersrand Technical College, Mr G. A. P. Louw, Vice-President of the Associated Scientific and Technical Societies, Mr R. P. Randall, Senior Vice-President of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers, Mr W. T. L. Wayman, President of the South African Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Mr D. F. Odendaal, President of the Institution of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers of South Africa, Mr E. Haacke, President of the Institute of Land Surveyors of the Transvaal, Mr B. L. Loffell, Vice-President of the South African Institution of Civil Engineers, Mr J. F. Leatherbarrow, President of the South African Institute of Assayers and Analysts, Dr W. S. Rapson, President of the Joint Council of the South African Scientific Societies, Dr P. L. Carman, President of the South African Chemical Institute, Mr F. Jackson, President of the Federation of Societies of Professional Engineers, Mr W. E. Kirkwood, President, S.E.I.F.S.A., Mr J. Steele, President of the South African Institute of Foundrymen, Mr M. Waite, President of the South African Institution of Welding, Mr M. R. Gericke, President of the South African Council of Professional Engineers, Mr G. C. Sowry, Chairman, Witbank-Middelburg Branch, Mr T. Groenewald, Chairman of the South African Chemical Institute (Southern Transvaal Section), Professor O. B. Volckman, Chairman of the South African Institution of Chemical Engineers, Mr H. W. Le Roux, Chairman of the South African Federation of University Engineer¬ing Students, Dr R. E. Robinson, Director of the National Institute for Metallurgy, Mr P. H. Anderson, Deputy-Chairman of Rand Mines Limited, Mr E. Boden, Manager of the A.S. and T.S. and Count Folchi-Vici, from Italy, who has lime interests in this country. I also extend a very special welcome to the lady guests here this afternoon, and to all the visitors." MEMBERSHIP The President: "I have pleasure in announcing that the names of the following candidates, having been published in accordance with By-Law 5.2.2, Council has elected them to membership in the following grades: NEW APPLICATIONS Members: Stuart Denston Hill, Robert Roy Richardson, Gert Paulus van der Vyver. Affiliates: Henry Clifford Read, Allen Edward Hooper, Alan Edwin Edkins. Graduates: Lester Winston Sturgess, Erroll Vincent Bosman. Students: Terence Vernon van Heerden, David Curtis Lindley. MEMBERS TRANSFERRED TO A HIGHER GRADE From Associate Member to Member: Andries Willem van Zyl, Roy Lardner, Nugent Gerald Ward Comyn. From Student to Graduate: Michael John Worrell (now passed away), Peter John Hamilton Short. I wish to welcome the new members to the Institute, and to congratulate those members who have been transferred to a higher grade." ANNUAL REPORT OF THE COUNCIL AND ACCOUNTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30th JUNE, 1969 The President: "Ladies and gentlemen, It is with much pleasure that I present to you the Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 30th June, 1969. These have been laid on the chairs and before calling for their adoption I would like to make a few comments. The Accounts show an excess of expenditure over income of R2,124 and our Honorary Treasurer, Mr D. G. Maxwell, will in due course comment on this. The main difficulty has again been the cost of the Journal and I think most of you are aware of the changes that we propose to make. I shall be sorry to see the last of our old format but then I have always had rather a con¬servative outlook.
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