Orange Free State Branch Proceedings of the February General Meeting

Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
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The February General Meeting of the Branch was held at the St. Helena Club on Wednesday, 19th February, 1969. Present were: Twelve members: Mr J. G. Kirchner (Chairman of the O.F.S. Branch), Messrs J. N. Saunders, N. A. Honnet, L. O. W. Leimer (Committee Members), Messrs R. C. Espley-Jones, J. W. Wilson, A. T. Lewis, A. von Holdt, L. J. Thorne, C. Mostert, V. O. Steed, H. H. Schellhorn. Nine Associate Members: Messrs E. R. Penny, G. T. C. Emere, M. Forster, K. Pearce, R. B. Sutherland, D. E. Couperthwaite,A. H. Edwards, M. D. de Lange, G. ,R. Still. Four Graduates: Messrs M. H. Smith, N. Mayer, T. R. Stromsoe, T. A. Ward. Four Affiliates: Messrs D. S. Robinson, L. D. Hulley, R. B. Smith, R. L. Soll11s.One Student: D. R. Fleming. Twenty-three Visitors. Total present: 53. Apologies were received from Messrs C. R. Netscher, A. Leger and V. C. Barnes. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS GENERAL MEETING The minutes of the General Meeting held on 15th November, 1968 and which were published in the February Journal, were taken as read and their adoption moved by Messrs J. N. Saunders and N. A. Honnet. There were no matters arising from the minutes. GENERAL BUSINESS The Chairman reminded members of the forthcoming visit by the Branch to the Dudfield Works of the Anglo-Alpha Cement Company, to take place on Wednesday 16th April. TALK ON ROCK MECHANICS The Chairman called upon Mr J. W. Wilson to address the meeting on the subject of the practical applications of rock mechanics to mining. Mr Wilson used a slide projector to present his subject in a most interesting and instructive manner which eventually resulted in much useful discussion taking place. The Chairman then called upon Mr A. von Holdt to thank the speaker. CLOSURE After thanking the speakers, the Chairman thanked members and visitors for their attendance and closed the meeting at about 10 p.m., after which refreshments were served.
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