Proceedings of the January, 1969, General Meeting

Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 2
Publication Date: Unavailable
The January General Meeting of the Institute was held in Kelvin House, Johannesburg, on 15th January, 1969 at 4.30 p.m. Mr R. C. J. Goode (President) was in the Chair. There were also present eighteen Members, including Messrs F. P. Bath, H. Britten, J. K. E. Douglas, P. Lambooy, V. C. Robinson, W. T. Stobart and P. W. J. van Rensburg (Council Members), Messrs J. C. Hall, P. C. Pirow, Dr D. I. Legge, Messrs E. R. Rudolph, H. R. Reid, Dr N. Stutterheim, Messrs B. F. van der Merwe, L. W. P. van den Bosch, D. T. Watt, M. Youngworth and T. Zadkin. Two Associate Members, Dr P. R. Jochens and Mr D. A. Viljoen. Two Students, Messrs R. P. W. Henrard and D. Ossin. Sixteen Visitors, including Messrs I. Barnes, B. F. Bath, S. Botha, P. A. du Plessis, K. Edwards, Dr F. S. Fulton, Messrs H. Grant, B. Havenga, L. Kok, Dr D. Lasar, R. Sandler, C. W. Wolhuter and J. D. Young. Secretary, Mr D. C. Visser. Total present: Forty. MINUTES The President: "May we confirm the minutes of the meeting held on the 20th November, 1968, as published in the December, 1968, issue of the Journal?" Agreed. MEMBERSHIP The President: "I have much pleasure in announcing that the names of the under-mentioned candidates, having been published in accordance with By-Law 5.2.2, Council has elected them to membership of the Institute in the following grades: Members: Basil James Jackson and James Petrie Archibald. Associate Members: Ronald Creasy, Hugh Angus McCallum and John Barton Cunliff. Graduate: Hermanus Isak Johannes van der Merwe. Affiliate: Edgar Ramsay. Student: Petrus Daniel Wolmarans. MEMBERS TRANSFERRED TO A HIGHER GRADE From Affiliate to Associate Member: Neil Bradfield and Mervyn Bayard Allman. "I welcome the newly elected members to the Institute and congratulate those members who have been transferred to a higher grade." (Applause). GENERAL BUSINESS The President: "Are there any matters to raise under this heading? If not, we will proceed to the next item on the agenda which is the presentation of today's paper."
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