Proceedings of the November, 1968, General Meeting

Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 2
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The November General Meeting of the Branch was held at the S1. Helena Club on Friday, 15th November, 1968. Mr. J. G. Kirchner (Chairman of the O.F.S. Branch) was in the chair. There were also present: President: Mr R. C. J. Goode. Eighteen Members: Mr A. E. Gilfillan (Council Member), Messrs T. Zadkin, J. N. Saunders, N. A. Honnet, D. D. Waterman, C. R. Netscher, (Committee Members), Messrs G. Thorburn, Z. Lombard, H. V. Henwood, C. J. Isaac, S. L. S. Swart, J. D. McNamara, H. H. Schellhorn, J. W. Wilson, G. C. P. Labuschagne, L. J. Thorne, R. C. Espley-Jones, J. Handley. Seventeen Associate Members: Messrs H. J. Reeders, R. Campbell, P. A. Hoffman, D. E. Couperthwaite, M. D. de Lange, G. J. C. Young, G. W. Futcher, U. Visser, F. H. De Groot, E. Schmid, K. G. Pearce, D. A. Viljoen, H. W. M. Eschenburg, R. Still, W. B. Howe, A. H. Edwards, R. H. Drake. Three Graduates: Messrs T. R. Stromsoe, J. G. Cockburn, T. A. Ward. One Affiliate: Mr O. A. Huss. Twenty-three visitors. Total present: 64. Apologies were reseived from Messrs L. O. W. Leimer, V. C. Barnes and A. Louw. WELCOME TO VISITORS The Chairman declared the meeting open and extended a special welcome to the following: Mr R. C. J. Goode, President of the S.A. Institute of Mining and Metallurgy; Mr A. E. Gilfillan, Member of Council and Mr D. A. Viljoen, all from Johannesburg. Also to Mr J. D. McNamara, the guest speaker for the evening who had made the trip from Oranjekrag. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS GENERAL MEETINGS The minutes of two meetings, viz., the General Meeting held on 26th June, 1968 together with those of the Annual General Meeting held on 14th August, 1968 were taken as read and their adoption moved by Messrs T. Zadkin and D. D. Waterman. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES There were no matters arising from the minutes. ADDRESS BY PRESIDENT OF COUNCIL, MR R. C. J. GOODE With regard to the 75th Anniversary of the Institute, the President called upon those present to bear the following two dates in mind, viz.: 21st March, 1969-Banquet at the Wanderers' Club, to which ladies are invited. 24th March, 1969-General Meeting at Kelvin House at 9.30 a.m., the speakers being the President of the Institute, the President of the Chamber of Mines and Dr H. J. van Eck.
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