Notice New Council Aims at Maintaining High Engineering Standard in South Africa

Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
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The general standard of engineering in South Africa will, it is believed, reach new heights after the establishment of the S.A. Council for Professional Engineers (SACPE) in February, 1969. The Council is being created to establish standards for professional engineers in this country and ensure that the quality of engineering is maintained at a high level. In terms of the Act of Parliament under which the new Council will operate, all consulting engineers will have to be registered if they wish to remain in private practice. While engineers who are not in private practice cannot be compelled to register, it will be in their interests to do so, according to a statement issued by Mr M. R. Gericke, chairman of a Shadow Council which is at present preparing for registration and drafting the requirements for registration. Registration is seen as an important move towards maintaining the quality of engineering in South Africa. Engineers will be encouraged to strive for professional status by gaining the necessary qualifications and the varied range of experience required by the Council before registration. All work done by registered professional engineers will have to conform to certain minimum standards. A spokesman for the Council has urged all engineers to ensure that they apply for registration when the Act comes into force in February. The Council is also anxious to gain the co-operation of employers in ensuring that the holders of professional engineering posts will be registered. Full information regarding registration will be sent to engineers throughout South Africa early this year, and announcements will appear in the press.
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