Notices 'Hornicka Ostrava'

Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
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The Czechoslovak Scientific-Technical Institute has arranged the international conference 'Hornicka Ostrava' for four or five days at the end of October, 1969, as part of the preparation for the international 'Miners' Congress' on deep coalextraction in 1970. The keynote of the conference is 'New Techniques in coal mining,' and will be covered by five groups dealing mainly with: 1. New trends in the opening of mines, optimal parameters, projections, equipment, utilization of computers for economic analyses, etc. 2. Increase in efficiency of coal extraction in deep mines, technology, concentration, pressure control, optimization of material and coal transport. 3. Modernization of devices for increased safety and working conditions, new trends in explosives, new techniques for reducing environmental diseases. 4. Innovations in deep level coal extraction, mechanization, rationalization, automation, etc. 5. Other topics about modern techniques in mining. Address your enquiries to: Ing. Karel Kalas (Secretary of the Conference), Dum Techniky Cs YTS, Ostrava 1, Jesenkiho 7-9, Czechoslovakia.
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