Excursion The Union Junction Works of Scaw Metals Limited

Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
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A party of some 60 members of the Institute were welcomed at the Union Junction Works of Scaw Metals Limited on Thursday, 23rd January for a morning visit. Dr J. M. Bereza, the metallurgical Director, gave an informative introductory talk to the assembled visitors, which briefly covered the major activities of the Company. This was followed by refreshments, and the visitors were then allocated to 12 guides for the conducted tour of the Works. The progress of the Company is an impressive saga of the development of heavy industry in this country linked primarily to the expanding mining industry. Many other outlets are now available for Scaw products and the rapidly advancing techniques developed by their own chemists as well as the processes made available from overseas associates indicates the forward looking attitude of the Company. The visitors were impressed by the modern laboratory services, closely linked to rigid quality control, resulting in a high standard of final products. The most fascinating section to many of the visitors was the continuous casting machines and rolling mills recently installed, although the most lucrative section is the large steel foundry. After the tour the parties gathered in a marquee tent for liquid refreshments, followed by a lavish luncheon in the canteen. The visitors were officially welcomed by Mr Richard Boustred, the Deputy Managing Director, and Mr V. C. Robinson replied, thanking the Company on behalf of the South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Arrangements were made for golf in the afternoon at the Germiston Golf Club for those who wished to play. A.E.G.
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