Witbank/Middleburg Branch Proceedings of the January, 1969, General Meeting

Organization: The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
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The January General Meeting was held at The Moth Hall, Witbank, on Thursday, 30th January, 1969. Mr C. G. Sowry (Chairman of the Witbank/Middelburg Branch) was in the chair. There were also present: Fourteen Members: Messrs A. Bain, A. W. L. Brereton, J. Meintjes, G. Langton, A. C. Hofmyer, J. H. Moore, T. S. Wilmot, B. F. van der Merwe, H. A. Williams, O. T. Wright, J. E. van Aswegen, P. J. Beukes, I. Botha. Six Associate Members: Messrs B. T. Hosking, R. E. Powell, J. B. Cornish, R. Ladner, W. Weber, P. J. Muller. Two Affiliates: Messrs P. B. Cass, W. K. C. Bremer. Nine Visitors. Apologies were received from Messrs G. R. Canny, E. J. Jackson. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS GENERAL MEETING It was proposed and accepted that these be taken as read. Proposer, J. Meintjies; seconded, A. W. L. Brereton. 75TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS OF THE S.A.I.M.M. The Chairman reminded members of the functions arranged to mark this occasion. It was also mentioned that members desirous of forming parties to travel to Johannesburg should either make arrangements amongst themselves or inform the Secretary who would assist in arrangements. PAPER FOR PRESENTATION The Chairman then called upon Mr S. Selmer-Olsen to present his paper, 'Lectures on electro-smelting of ferro-alloys'. After Mr S. Selmer-Olsen had presented his paper, he answered questions arising from contributions from the floor. The Chairman then thanked Mr S. Selmer-Olsen for presenting his paper. CONTRIBUTIONS TO PREVIOUS PAPERS Contributions to the paper 'Photo-electric readings. Their significance for dust control on collieries,' presented by Messrs G. H. J. Kitson (Member) and Y. J. F. Haven (Visitor), were read by Messrs A. Bain and A. W. L. Brereton.
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