Characterization of polyester grouts for ground control

Kakarkis, M. G. ; Kan, S. W. ; Wilson, R. ; Zelanco, J.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1999
Grouting has been used in underground mining for more than 20 years. Chemical grouting is often used as a remedial measure when the implemented ground-control program is unable to completely prevent structural failures or when there is a need for preventing a structural member from unraveling. The utilization of polyurethane grout is restricted by its limited range of physical and mechanical properties. To overcome some of the drawbacks of polyurethane, research is being conducted on a newly developed polyester based grout. The polyester resin, identified by Sandvik as Strata Grip, provides a number of features, including variable gel times and a much-reduced chemical hazard. Equally important are the mechanical properties of the product. The strength and deformability of any chemical grout must be compatible with the intended purpose of grouting and the expected deformation of the rock that is to be grouted The assessment of the mechanical properties of polyester grout is the focus of this work. Field experiences and laboratory research defined the properties of an effective grouting material. Experimental results indicate that the polyester grout meets or exceeds the recommended properties for many injection applications. Furthermore, the results suggest that the ability to adjust mechanical properties via resin formulation has the potential to expand the applicability of chemical grouting in ground control.
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