Measuring attitudes to improve mine safety

Mason, S.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 5
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2000
Many organizations are realizing that continual improvement in health and safety relies on addressing the potential for various forms of human error. Of these, rule violations are often the most frequent form associated with accidents. These occur when an individual (or individuals) deliberately contravenes established and known safety rules. They have been associated with up to 90% of the accidents and other incidents in some industries, and yet they rarely receive the systematic attention they deserve in the promotion of safety. This paper presents underlying motives that cause violations. These can vary significantly from mine to mine and from job to job. Managers need some measure of the attitudes of the violators to determine the underlying motives behind the violations if they are to determine effective strategies for promoting safe behavior. Questionnaires form the starting point to address attitudes and the motives behind rule violations. The choice of the most suitable questionnaire, how- ever, will vary from organization to organization. Guidelines on the choice of questionnaire are offered.
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