Cationic flotation of iron ores: amine characterization and performance

Papini, R. M. ; Brandão, P. R. G. ; Peres, A. E. C.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 5
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
In this investigation, the differences in the absorption spectra of etheramines, fatty amines and condensates, mostly present as acetates, from several suppliers are characterized by means of infrared spectrometry. Sharp differences were observed in the absorption spectra of three types of amines and derivatives. Etheramines show a characteristic and well-defined peak at 1,114 cm-1. This peak is due to the ether C-O group and differentiates etheramines from the other classes. The absence of such a peak indicates that the species is not an etheramine. The distinction between condensates and fatty amines is made by the presence of a sharp peak around 3,200 cm-1. This peak is probably due to the proximity of the N-H amine groups and C=O carbonyl groups in the amide portion of the condensate's molecule and by different and better-defined bands in the 1,800- to 1,500-cm-1 range. The flotation performance of these amines was evaluated by means of the laboratory-scale flotation of an itabirite ore. The etheramines proved to be the most effective collectors for this system. Monoamines presented better performance than diamines for the ore under investigation.
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