Processing of the finely and complexly interlayered calcite rich wollastonite ore from northern Sweden

Sivamohan, R. ; Huang, F.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 4
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1990
A mineral processing strategy developed for the finely and complexly interlayered calcite rich wollastonite, microcline, and iron-garnet ore of Jokkmokk, northern Sweden, gives an overall calcite recovery of 89.4% at a grade of 90.7% CaCO3. The wollastonite product assays 53.0% Ca- SiO3 at a recovery of 92.2%. The significant elements of the developed strategy are stepwise grinding, wet high intensity magnetic separation (WHIMS), reverse flotation and starvation flotation. Stepwise grinding avoids the overgrinding of soft calcite. WHIMS removes the colored iron-garnet impurity and thereby increases the whiteness of the product. Reverse flotation enables a simple flotation circuit and starvation `flotation helps to optimize the physicochemical conditions in cleaner flotation by giving rougher products of narrow particle size distributions. Moreover, with the reagent scheme developed in this work only one cleaner stage is necessary for the various rougher flotation products to be upgraded to give the foregoing results. In this paper, the strategy is presented in detail along with appropriate results.
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