Design Examples of Open Pit Slopes Susceptible to Toppling

Piteau, Douglas R. ; Stewart, Alan F. ; Martin, Dennis C.
Organization: The American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers
Pages: 34
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1983
Three examples of open pits where toppling failure controls the stability and design of the slopes are described. Two examples involve the design of overall slopes in base metal mines. The third example concerns the analysis and design of remedial measures to prevent toppling failure from occurring in a critical slope in a coal mine. The analytical techniques for assessing toppling failure on a rational basis are discussed for the three examples. This includes an assessment of the important parameters which govern the stability for the toppling failure mode. The geological setting and input data for each example are described, as are the important external or limiting factors pertinent to the sites in question. A statistical cumulative technique was used to assess one of the most important input parameters in the two examples involving overall slope design. Both deep-seated toppling failures, involving the entire slope, and shallow bench failures are considered. Results of the stability analyses and their related engineering significance with regard to slope stability and design are discussed. A sensitivity analysis of various parameters is effectively utilized. Design charts are developed and evaluated accordingly. In the example where toppling failure was unavoidable, the rationale for design of stabilization techniques to prevent toppling is discussed.
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