Ground Support - Rockbolt Drills and Jumbos

Sundeen, Robert L. ; Wenberg, Richard V.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 4
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1982
INTRODUCTION Early rock-bolting practice usually consisted of ran¬domly installing bolts, using hand-held drilling equip¬ment such as air-leg mounted sinkers or stopers. As bolting technology evolved, the practice of installing uniform bolt patterns was developed, utilizing random bolt installation as required within the uniform pattern. The uniform rock-bolting technique, when used as the principal method of rock support, requires drills and jumbos designed specifically for rock bolting. This equipment is similar to conventional face drilling machines, except that the jumbos can orient the drills to obtain any necessary bolting angle; often, this means bolts may be installed at or near perpendicular to the centerline of the drift or stope opening. Fig. I shows a typical rubber-tired rock-bolting jumbo of the type commonly used in drifts and room-and-pillar mining. Modern rock-bolting jumbos are capable of drilling the required holes, inserting rockbolts, and torquing them to proper levels. Jumbos also are available for use with resin-anchored bolts. Probably the most unusual of this type utilizes a rotating bolt turret that carries the rock drill, resin charging unit, and the bolt in a single mechanism. Once the turret is loaded with the resin and bolt, further manual effort is not re¬quired. Drilling and bolt placement are accomplished by the operator from a station remote from the bolt site. Fig. 2 shows this turret device. Roof-bolting jumbos are available mounted on rail, crawler, or rubber-tired chassis. Various types of rock drills are used. Depending upon the type of rock, these may include rotary, percussion, or rotary-percussion drills. Fig. 3 shows a typical rail-mounted jumbo. CONDITIONS INFLUENCING APPLICATION General Rock Conditions Rock-bolting generally is applicable in moderately hard to hard rock. No particular type of rock is ex-
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