Cut-and-Fill at Homestake Mining Co.

Waterland, Joel K.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1982
GENERAL DESCRIPTION Homestake Mining Co.'s operations are at Lead, SD. Production from the various methods used are: 1 155 753 t/a (1,274,000 stpy) by open cut-and-fill, 68 039 t/a (75,000 stpy) by square set cut-and-fill, 144242 t/a (159,000 stpy) by shrinkage stoping, 107 048 t/ a (118,000 stpy) by blasthole stoping, and 67 132 t/a (74,000 stpy) in development work for a total of 1 542 214 t/a (1,700,000 stpy). Mining takes place from the 616-m (2000-ft) level to the 2073-m (6800 ft) level (Fig. 1). The average travel time to the stope is 45 min. GENERAL ORE BODY REQUIREMENTS AND LIMITATIONS Size, Shape, and Dip of Ore Body Six major ledges varying from 914 m (3000 ft) long by 228.6 m (750 ft) wide to 305 m (1000 ft) long by 122 m (400 ft) wide are mined. Within these ledges are irregular-shaped areas of varying sizes. These ledges dip at approximately 1.2 rad (70°) to the east and plunge to the south from 0.26 to 1.57 rad (15° to 90°). Ground Conditions The ore is cummingtonite (chlorite schist) which is very competent except for major bedding planes and fracture patterns. The footwall is a slate but because of the dip presents very few problems. The hanging wall is also a slate which because of the dip and bedding is very weak and requires considerable rockbolting. No problem has been encountered with rock bursts to a depth of 2438 m (8000 ft). Ore Value The ore values vary somewhat from ledge to ledge, but the average ore delivered to the mill is approxi¬mately 6.2 g (0.2 oz) of gold per ton. A small amount of silver is the only byproduct of this operation. Annual production of gold is approximately 10 575 183 g (340,000 troy oz). Production Requirements The mine has a mill capacity of approximately 1 723 651 t (1,900,000 st) but because of several fac¬tors (manpower, depth, etc.) this mill capacity has not been attainable for the past several years.
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