An Integrated System to Control Airflow Rate Distribution in a Complicated Ventilation Network

Tominaga, Yuusaku ; Katoh, Tsuyoshi ; Ono, Shinya
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1995
In order to monitor/control airflow rate distribution in a complicated ventilation network installed many regulators, an integrated system composed of expert system, exerting programs for simulation to get macroscopic characteristics and drawing diagram, monitoring system and so on is introduced in this study. This system is made up of airflow velocity sensors and computers linked to an local area network. The main results of this study are as follows; 1) Combinations of two branches to monitor aerodynamic resistance change in a branch p in a network can be selected by comparing factor's value in a branch relation table. 2) When the combination of sensor branches for a branch p does not exist in the network at present condition, the system changes aero- dynamic resistances of appropriate branch q placed a regulator by referring branch relation table. And then the system asks other computer to get macroscopic characteristics under altered value of aerodynamic resistance of the branch q. 3) Dot pattern diagram shows airflow rate relation between an active branch and a passive branch. Three relations such as a) a straight line, b) a monotonous curve and c) extremums are displayed in different patterns for all the sets between an active branch and a passive branch at a time. 4) The ranges of airflow rate in coal faces by changing aerodynamic resistance of any one branch placed a regulator are shown in the Pareto diagram using values in the branch relation table. 5) Ventilation transfer diagram with two parameter, one shows airflow rate in a coal face and the other shows energy provided by main fans to overcome aerodynamic resistance in a net- work, is utilized to decide countermeasures for decreasing energy consumption in the network on increasing of airflow rate in the specified branch.
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