Monitoring Machine-Mounted Dust Scrubber Performance

Taylor, Charles D. ; Kovscek, Paul D. ; Thimons, Edward D.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 4
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1995
When blowing ventilation is used on a mining section, a machine-mounted scrubber is often required to maintain face dust levels below 2 mg/m3. Operation of the scrubber also affects airflow patterns at the face and the dilution of liberated methane. Reductions in scrubber flow can result in increased methane concentrations. During mining, loading of the scrubber filter with dust is likely to reduce airflow. Detecting changes in scrubber flow is difficult, especially with extended cutting, because the machine must be operated from a remote location. Tests were conducted to demonstrate how scrubber airflow could be continuously monitored at a remote location. Three variables, static pressure at the fan inlet, differential pressure across the scrubber filter, and scrubber fan motor current, were continuously monitored while the scrubber filter was incrementally loaded to reduce air flow. The results show that monitoring each variable provided a way for estimating scrubber flow.
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