Optimal Choice of the Parameters for Ventilation and Methane Drainage in a Longwall Face with Caving

Dziurzynski, Waclaw ; Nawrat, Stanislaw
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1995
An increasing concentration of coal production, especially in the circumstances of intensive methane inflow makes the coal mine managing staff apply new techniques of safe mining. It paves also the way for scientists to develop new directions of investigations and implementation of state-of -the- art technical solutions. Simultaneously, it could be noticed that the funds assigned for expansive 'En situ ' investigation are continuously decreasing. Better and better results are reached when applying computer technique in calculations of the parameters of ventilation process. Recent theoretical and experimental investigations of air and gas (methane) flow in longwall areas with caving, combined with the implementation of methane drainage system allowed to create, a mathematical model and consequently to elaborate a computer supported numerical simulation of discussed phenomena. The mathematical model has been modified and the simulation program was prepared in such a way that the software is convenient for a user looking for an optimal solution. The paper presented the methodology of optimal choice of following parameters: - ventilation system - rate of flow through the wall. The procedure takes into consideration keeping a safe level of concentration methane in air flowing through the longwall as well as the criterion of maximum methane concentration within the methane drainage pipe line. Results of variant computer simulation regarding the longwall with caving are shown in graphs and tables.
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