A New Method for the Estimation of Acid Activities Through Speciation, and its Application to Process Solutions of ZnSO4-FesO4-Fe2(SO4)3-H2SO4

Filippou, Dimitrios ; Demopoulos, George P. ; Monhemius, A. J. ; Papangelakis, Vladimiros G. ; Peters, E. ; Warren, G. W.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 18
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1993
A new method developed for the estimation of the activity of Ht in mixed sulfate solutions is described and examples of application of this method to the system H2SO4-ZnSO4-FeSO4-Fe2(SO4)3 from 298 to 473 K are offered. The method makes use of an "extended Debye-Hiickel" type of equation that was originally put forth by Das for pure H2SO4 solutions at ambient temperature. The treatment of mixed sulfate solutions was made possible by combining that equation of Das with a speciation algorithm which calculates the abundance of all species formed. The developed method, which also takes into account ionic strength and temperature effects, was used to generate hydrogen ion activity and speciation data for all possible acid/metal sulfate pairs of the system H2SO4-ZnSO4-FeSO4-Fe2(SO4)3. Finally, under the light of the reported data, specific examples of hydrometallurgical reaction systems are analyzed in terms of thermodynamics or kinetics. In particular, the systems discussed are: hydrometallurgical precipitation of hematite, solvent extraction of Fe(III), acid leaching of zinc ferrite, and oxidation of Fe(II) to Fe(III) by O2(aq).
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