Gravity Concentration of Gold from Complex Sulfide Ores Within Boliden Mineral AB

Broman, Per G. ; Sandström, Eric ; Söderberg, Lars
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1986
INTRODUCTION Boliden Mineral AB currently mines sulfide ores in 18 mines and processes them in eight concentrators. Most ores are typically complex. Gold consti¬tutes a considerable part of the value of the ore reserves. The value of total production in 1984, distributed by different metals is shown in the pie chart below. Traditionally, gold has been recovered as a byproduct, or coproduct, along with silver in floated copper and lead concen¬trates. Gold-price trends over the past decade have prompted comprehensive efforts by Boliden to increase the recovery of gold in concentration processes. Gravimetric recovery of gold in the grinding circuit is one method that has led to quick results. This method supplements tradi¬tional recovery processes based on flotation. The development of a feasible circuit, and the results obtained by its application in the central concentrator at Boliden, in the northern Swedish province of Västerbotten, are reported below. GOLD MINERALOGY IN BOLIDEN ORES The gold content in Boliden Mineral's ores is primarily in the form of alloys with the elements silver and mercury. A minor quantity appears in an unalloyed form.
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