How the Design is Accomplished

Stevens, L. G. ; Pollack, B.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 9
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1986
INTRODUCTION In other chapters of this volume many of the important technical aspects in the design of concentration and dewatering circuits have been discussed. This chapter will deal with the steps necessary to bring that information together in order to produce the specifications necessary to purchase the equipment and complete the design. It deals with the plant as a whole rather than just concentration and dewatering, since the steps are essentially the same. Prerequisites to Engineering Design Feasibility studies will have been completed and design parameters established prior to the start of the engineering design stages for a metallurgical plant. The data base for the feasibility studies will have included laboratory and/or pilot plant test work, historical data, proposed plant site data such as climatology, topographic mapping, geological and geotechnical information. These studies will have established the general project design criteria as well as the process design criteria leading to the preparation of preliminary flowsheet ( s) and/or alternative process flowsheets. These will have incorporated metallurgical and material balances, allowing identification of major equipment items, and development of preliminary plant site plot plans. Preliminary technical and economic assessments and recommendations will have been prepared during this phase for Owner's review and evaluation of the technical, physical, and cost effectiveness of the overall project and its component process, process facilities, and supporting facilities elements. After Ownert s approval and decision to proceed, the engineering design can be initiated, using the above information as the basis. Engineering Design Phase The engineering design of metallurgical plants and their elements are generally developed in two sequential stages, namely: (1) Basic ("Front end") Engineering Design (2) Detail Engineering Design Figure 1 relates these engineering stages to the entire program from feasibility through construction.
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