Slurry Transportation in Concentration Circuits

Jergensen, Gerald V. ; Samuel, Edward J.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 15
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1986
Slurry system are the principal method for storage and transportation of solids within and between concentration operations In a mineral processing plant. A slurry 1s a mixture of solid particles In water, or a chemical solution, that behaves like a liquid. The design of slurry transportation systems is generally analagous to pumping and piping water, but with a few notable exceptions: • The interaction of particle on particle affects slurry transport. • Particles often interact with the fluid, particularly when chemicals have been added to the system. • Particles have a frustrating tendency to settle from the slurry suspension, especially into locations not considered In the design. • Solids have an affinity for wetted surf aces and tend to wear them away. Slurry transportation systems Include a number of separate components, each requiring special design considerations. A systematic evaluation of each component of a slurry transfer system will help overlooking the small details that could cause operational headaches. Most slurry transport systems include: • A receiving sump or tank that provides for mixing and/or momentary storage of slurry. • A driving force.. by a pump, atmospheric pressure or gravity. • A suitable conduit for transportation.. pipes or launders. • A delivery objective.. another sump or process vessel, or distribution system to several process points. • A control strategy and design to regulate the transfer operation. The design of the slurry transportation system normally evolves through the following steps: • Finalizing the process flowsheet and establishing the weights and volumes to be handled. • Identifying and characterizing the various process fluids and slurries. • Defining critical and minimum transport velocities of fluids. • Selecting a pipe diameter (or dimensions and gradient) and
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