Selection and Sizing of Ore Sorting Equipment

Stone, A. M.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1986
INTRODUCTION In ore beneficiation one of the simplest methods of mineral concentration is hand picking to remove either the ore or the waste material from a moving table or conveyor belt. Ore Sorting Equipment may be defined as equipment for mechanized picking. This type of equipment has been used successfully over the past thirty years or so to beneficiate ores of various types in particle mesh sizes between 1mm and 200mm.. at throughputs of up to 150 tonnes per hour. In general for ore sorting to be a consideration the ore and the waste material must be well liberated in the feed to the sorter (that is into practically discrete particles of ore and waste). The larger the liberation size the more likely sorting is to be cost effective. Correct selection of ore sorting equipment is most important and often special machine features are developed for an individual application. Sorter performance can be best determined by extensive testwork of representative ore at design tonnage on prototype or preferably on production model sorting machines. ADVANTAGES OF SORTING ORE The four main advantages of sorting ore are: Reduced milling cost. Reduced processing cost. Higher overall recovery. Reduced transportation costs. Reduced Milling Cost With sorters installed the milling plant following the sorter is generally smaller and hence less costly to install and operate as it only has to handle the sorter product. However this benefit is somewhat offset by the increased cost of the screening and washing plant prior to the sorter and the cost of the sorting plant itself. Reduced Processing Cost As there is less material of higher grade presented to the concentrating plant following the sorter, this plant will generally be smaller and less costly to construct and operate than a plant treating the total quantity of material. Higher Overall Recovery The economic recovery is often misunderstood by plant operators when evaluating the advantages of sorters
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