Other Grinding Machines

Bond, F. C. ; Edmiston, K. J. ; Kahn, M. H.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 9
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1985
Comminution of various materials can be achieved in grinding equipment by nipping, impact, attrition, or a combination of these actions. Pna mills also known as edgerunners, chasers, and mullers-are classified as a nipping machine. The essential features of this type of grinding machine are rollers or mullers that turn on a horizontal axis while rating on the bed of material in the pan. Ploughs are used to direct the unground material to the center of the pan. Grinding may be accomplished wet or dry. Aritres, Chilean mills, and Huntington mills are types of pan mills. Ring roll and ring Ml mills, another type of nipping machine, were developed for grinding smaller particles of intermediate hardness to product sizes of about 100 pm. They were designed to attempt to reduce the cost of similar size reduction in ball mills and have been widely used to pulverize coal for power-plant facilities. Impact Machines Grinding machines that can be classified as impact mills include: hammer, cage, centrifugal, vibratory, pin, and stamp mills. The distinctive feature of an impact mill is that it has a fast-moving part that transfers some of its kinetic energy to the material particles by direct contact so that internal stresses are created in the particles. The Reitz Disintegrator is an example of an impact mill. It has rigidly mounted hammers attached to a vertical shaft that rotates in close proximity to horizontally mounted screens. The feed pulp enters parallel to the vertical shaft, and may have a solids content of from 40
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